The West Australian Slot Car Racing Group was originally formed in 2010 to provide a venue for people who like to race 1/32nd scale hard body style slot cars in a friendly competitive environment.   The current classes include;

  • Ninco GT Angle Winders sponsored by   “WASCRG
  • Aussie V8 Touring Cars sponsored by    ” Sponsor Pending
  • Revell Historic Nascars sponsored by     ” Sponsor Pending
  • SCX Modern Nascars sponsored by  “A J Cochrane and Sons 
  • NSR Historic Lemans sponsored by  “WASCRG”
  • Slot it Lemans sponsored by  ” Miami Menswear 
  • NSR GT Lemans    sponsored by   ” Sponsor Pending
  • Racer Sideways Group 5 sponsored by     ” Sponsor Pending”
  • Pioneer Classic Muscle Cars  sponsored by “WASCRG

Future classes are likely to be added to the existing group, in order to present new challenges to racers and to promote continuing high levels of interest in the club racing calendar.

One of the main operating principals of the WASCRG is to promote a level playing field where no single individual is able operate with an unfair car advantage. The club strives to make sure that all race participants have competitive cars and that race wins are achieved on driving talent alone, rather than by having an unfair car performance advantage.

In line with this philosophy new members are assisted with various car tuning methods that more experienced drivers have learned from experience.  Coaching and encouragement for new drivers is undertaken to enable them to get up to speed more quickly with the ultimate aim of creating a really competitive field.

The  website address is www.waslotcarracinggroup.com  and it is in the form of Word Press Blog, which will enable members and interested parties to post relevant comments about slot car racing and slot car matters in general.

Race meetings are currently held on every second Saturday of the month at Yangebup with cars being raced on a four lane routed analogue race track. Two classes are held on each race meeting and there are five classes being run in the first season. Season one includes; Ninco GT Angle winders, NSR Historic Lemans, Slot it Lemans, Pioneer Muscle cars and SCX Pro NASCARS. Season 2 includes Aussie V8 Supercars, Historic NASCARS, NSR GTs and Racer Sideways Group 5 Cars. There will be five racing rounds held for each class. You can view the full yearly racing calendar on another website page.  The actual race formats are explained in full in another section of the website. There is no membership fee but a charge of $15 is applicable to all person who participate on a race night.


The club holds a trophy night at the end of the year in December.  The function is usually held at the local Chinese restaurant or at the club  where a large selection of food and alcohol can be had by all.  On the night the various trophies are presented to the first, second and third place getters in each of the classes raced during that year. Members must have attended at least 4 race meetings in order to be eligible to participate.  However if any other club member who hasn’t  been to the required 4 race meetings wants to attend the function, then a AU$25.00 attendance fee will apply.


Slot car raffle prizes are given to winners at each race meeting for “Members”. If a member wins one week he is ineligible for the following week .  New “Members” must attend at least 4 race meetings to eligible to win a prize in the raffle.


The website has separate race results pages for each class that is raced with in a calendar season and these will be updated fortnightly with the night’s race results. Other race formats and new classes are likely to be added from time to time, in order to maintain interest levels and continue to provide the best club racing currently available in Western Australia.

If you have any relevant questions, or would like further information on all our club activities, just email us at the following addresses;

chris trophy

Chris Kendal and Syd Miller in the club room.

Syd Miller  sydand@optusnet.com.au  ( Phone 0413 020 421 ) or Chris Kendal at scott.kendal@bigpond.com




  1. Chris Kendal says:

    Hi’Syd, good work putting the sponsors names after the individual classes. I will be working today to create a gallery page and slot car links page.

  2. Peter Worth says:

    I like the new website format Syd and Chris, thanks for creating a good club environment.

  3. Matt Boland says:

    Glad the SCX Pro Nascar was added as a class, fun to drive and seems to even out the field a little bit more.

  4. Ron layton says:

    Great club and the members are helpful with information on setting up cars, as
    I’am new to the slot cars.

  5. syd says:

    Always a pleasure Ron and welcome to the club!

  6. Michael Calleja says:

    Hi there,

    Just looking at getting back into some sort of slot car racing. I have the Parma style 1/24 scale slot cars from 20 odd years ago. Do you know of any tracks still around and operating?
    If not I also have a small collection of scalextric cars that I think I might be able to get going again.
    If you are able to assist in any way that would be great!

  7. Syd Miller says:

    Hi Michael, give Chris or myself a call, our numbers are on the website!

  8. David Bradshaw says:

    Hi Syd,
    I’m interested in racing at your Club. I’m a member of a small slot car club in Mandurah, but would like to have a look at your set up. Do you have practice nights that I can come and have a look or a race night or any other information you can provide?

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