January 7th: Ninco GT and SCX NASCAR

       January 21st: SCX NASCAR 

       February 4th: Slotit Lemans and Pioneer Muscle Cars

       February 18th: Pioneer Muscle Cars and NSR Lemans

       MARCH 4th: NSR Lemans and Ninco GT

       March 18th: Ninco GT and SCX NASCAR.  

       April 1st:  SCX NASCAR and SlotIt Lemans

       April 15th:  Slotit Lemans and Pioneer Muscle Cars

       April 29th: Pioneer Muscle Cars and NSR Lemans

       May 13th: NSR Lemans and Ninco GT

       May 27th: Ninco GT and SCX NASCAR

       June 3rd: Slotit Lemans and NSR Lemans

       June 24th: Pioneer Muscle Cars and Slotit Lemans

       July 8th : Trophy Night 

Season 2

July 22nd: MJK V8 Supercars and Historic NASCARs

August 5th: Historic NASCARS and Sideways Group 5 

August 19th:   MJK V8 Supercars and  Sideways Group 5

September 2nd: NSR GT and MJK V8 Supercars

September 23rd Sideways Group 5 and Historic Nascars 

October 7th Sideways Group 5 and NSR GT

October 21st Historic NASCAR and NSR GT

November 4th. NSR GT and  Sideways Group 5

November 18th  Historic NASCARS and MJK V8 Supercars

December 2nd. MJK V8 Supercar and NSR GT

December 9th. TROPHY NIGHT

* Red writing denotes Endurance race for that class and an earlier start!

Note; Some dates later in season may change due to work


13 Responses to 02: WASCRG 2017 RACE CALENDER

  1. Mike McGrath says:

    Hey Chris! Brrrrmmm Brrrmmm ( because Confucius says if you make car noises while you are racing you go faster )

  2. Syd says:

    With upwards of 20 people racing on any evening we may have to start qualifying a little earlier than usual. If we kick off qualifying around 7pm any late comers will be able to slot in at the tail end. Also if we could have a rsvp it would make it a little easier to adjust for the numbers in the case of catering and time management! There is no problem if you turn up after 7:30 as long as we know you are coming! If you could SMS me on my mobile by the Thursday before the race night it would be appreciated, Thanks Syd

  3. clive says:

    On my 3rd time racing with WASCRG Group and loving it. Cannot wait to have my cars up and running. Looking forward to saturday night 14th september.see you there. Cheers clive

  4. Robbie says:

    We’re. R the meetings

  5. Ron layton says:

    Hi Syd, and fellow club members sorry cant attend opening meeting due to having a car
    in Motoriveation car show at Kwinana on friday sat & sunday.
    Have a great night of racing.

  6. Rob T says:

    Had my first night at Syds last night,The guys are very helpful and all made me feel very welcome and the racing was very close and challenging.Thanks to Syd for the invite and i will definatly be back,very well run club.

  7. Glyn Taylor says:

    Hi, I am from Perth now living in Manchester UK . My love affair with slot cars started as 10 year old at Strombeckers. Arther Hurst who owned it Raced sidecars at Claremont Speedway and he and my father Chum Taylor were good friends. I get back to Perth every other year and look forward with racing with you guys. I race here at the South Manchester Club and at Pendle Club. We race every week on a 5 lane 31 meter track. The clubs here set rules for each class which allows a good set up with a few mods. My best car at the moment is a Racer Sideways 935 porsche fitted with a slot it sidewinder motor mount. The rules for this class is 60/70’s Lemans, Inline or sidewinder must run a NSR shark 20K motor. I am 62 this year and will be coming back to Perth for good in the next year or 2. I look forward to meeting you on my next visit.

    Glyn Taylor

  8. Lim Cheng Law says:

    Hey Syd, there’s a pretty good possibility I will be visiting Perth from 10 April – 23 April, 2016. So if you guys are racing during that short period, I hope to be able to find the time to fit in a race with all of you and renew acquaintances.


  9. Syd says:

    Hi Lim you will be more than welcome!

  10. Lim Cheng Law says:

    Hi Syd, long time no talk! Sorry about the false start last year but this time, I will definitely be in Perth from 14 Sept until 8 Oct. During my first 2 weeks there, I won’t have time to do much slot racing or meet up with you guys as I will be taking off down south with an old friend on 18 to 22 Sept. It is doubtful if I can make it to your track on 23 Sept. as my daughter has bought tickets for me to accompany my grandson to the DanTDM Show (whatever that is!) at the Perth Riverside Theatre for that day, so if the timing is not right, I may not be able to make it to your place. I see your next race day after that is on 7 Oct., the day before I fly back to Kuala Lumpur early next morning, so hopefully, I can get round to seeing you guys at least on that day and have a run on your track before I leave.


  11. Syd says:

    Hi Lim you are welcome any time and look forward to your visit! If Andrew, who always insists that he will try and get there but tends to fail!, can’t make it there are others up that way who will assist in getting you here. Cheers Syd

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