02.9: V8 SUPER CARS S2 2017


The V8 Supercar Championship for the season  consists of five rounds based on  modified Scalextric V8 slot cars.  The cars are re-fitted with a MJK metal chassis, Plafit Pointer motor and running NSR 4213 kit (17mm wheels with 32/12 Anglewinder running gears).

The only other modifications allowed are:

  • Use of SCX racing braid
  •  MJK Tyres ONLY! All other brands are not permitted and any tyres for the fronts
  • Ninco Sprung Pro Guide
  • NSR  4213 front and rear axle kit 32/12 ratio
  • Original body height to remain
  • Wheels must remain inside the guards (guards must remain unaltered)
  • Weight may be added

The only models available for the class are either Scalextric Ford Falcons or Holden Commodores in the various racing liveries.

Any changes to the series format or cars will not be made until after the completion of the Championship and will done via a club vote.




2 Responses to 02.9: V8 SUPER CARS S2 2017

  1. adam phillips says:

    im in mackay qld, im interested in modding my own scalextric v8 supercars just wondering if anyone here sell parts for these cars or may know of somewhere I can buy aftermarket parts.


  2. Daryl says:

    Hi Adam
    Not sure if anyone has gotten back to you yet with your enquiry ?
    All of the parts used in these cars (chassis , tyres, motor) are all available from good slot car outlets on the internet . If you can”t find anyone locally and its all a bit too hard , talk to Syd in this club . I’m sure if you sent your cars to him he could perform the mods required at a good price .



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