02.4: SLOT IT LEMANS S1 2017

                                              SLOT IT LEMANS CHAMPIONSHIP


The Slot it Lemans Group C Championship for season one 2013 will be raced over 5 rounds and is based on Slot it models from the 1980’s Lemans series.  The cars are basically run as stock standard with only the following modifications allowed;

  • SCX/NSR Braid
  • MJK Tyres ONLY! All other brands are not permitted
  • Body mounting crews can be changed
  • Motors must be the Orange Can ( Standard)
  • Weight can be added to suit varying driving styles
  • Front tyres can be changed or sanded for clearance purposes.

No other modifications are allowed at this stage.  Please also note that the cars must be be run with an inline motor drive train configuration.  There are a number of eligable Slot it models curently available and these include;

  • Lancer LC2
  • Porsche 956c
  • Porsche 962c
  • Mazda 787B
  • Mercedes C9
  • Toyota 88C
  • Jaguar XJ12

Any changes to the series format or cars will only be made subject to a club vote at the end of a championship season.


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