This page is dedicated to providing all interested parties with useful information on all the major slot car companies web site addresses. It also provides useful links to a number of online slot car retailers, enthusiast sites and major producers information sites.



http://www.pioneerslotcars.com/ This is the official site for Pioneer Slot cars.

www.ninco.com  The Spanish companies site shows the complete current range of Ninco products which include, digital and analogue race sets, slot cars and various accessories.

www.scx.es.com The Spanish companies World Wide Site shows the complete range of current SCX products including digital and analogue slot cars, slot car sets and various accessories.

www.scalextric.com The English companies official site shows all the current Scalextric products including digital and analogue race sets, cars and various accessories.

www.carrera-toys.com  The major German slot car company sells both analogue and digital slot car sets, slot cars and accessories.

www.flyslotcars.com This Spanish company produces a wide range of very well detailed slot car models.


http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11847-wa-slot-car-racing-group This is a link to Auslot site where interested parties discuss slot car issues.

www.topslotsntrains.com  This online retailer is based in Blackpool UK and sell a wide range of slot car and spares from all the major brands. Their prices are very competative and postage is cheap.

www.mre.co.uk Another top slot car retailer from the UK. They have a wide range of slot cars and spare from all major slot car brands.

www.professormotor.com This large US based retailer has a massive range of slot cars and accessories.

www.nichobbies.com They regularly list new slot cars on Ebay and sell slot cars at very competative prices.

www.stanbridges.com They are Western Australias premier hobby shop and sell a wide range of slot car products from all the major manufactures.


www.auslot.com/forums This site is for those interested in whats happening in Australia in the slotcar world through various forums.

www.scalextricslotcars.com  This information site is concerned with current and past Scalextric products including information on Scalextric digital products, slot car sets, slot cars and accessories.

http://scxslotcars.com The site is about current and past SCX products and includes various articles on race sets, SCX digital products, scx cars and accessories.

www.nincoslotcars.net The site is concerned with all Ninco slot car products and has articles on race sets, cars, digital systems and accessories.

www.carreraslotcars.net This site reviews all current Carrera slot car products in depth.

www.flyslotcars.net The site look at Fly slot cars and trucks, both past and present.

www.132slotcars.org  This site looks at all the available brands of slot cars and compiles reviews on various slot car products. You can also view the WASCRG race result on this site.






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