02.3: SCX PRO NASCAR S1 2017

                                               SCX PRO NASCAR SERIES

The SCX Pro Nascar series will be run over five racing rounds and is based on the SCX Pro Nascars, with the addition of a Ninco NC5 20,000 rpm motor.  It was decided to replace the stock 26,000 rpm SCX motor to make the cars more driveable.  Further allowable modifications include;

  • Ninco Pro deep guide.
  • SCX/NSR racing braid.
  • MJK Tyres ONLY! All other brands are not permitted
  • Ninco NC5 Motor
  • Green SCX Crown Gear (27 Tooth Only!)Slotit 27 Tooth ( Black) can be substituted due to supply issues.
  • 10 Tooth pinion ( as original )
  • Screws can be replaced
  • Light weight interior can be fitted ( SCX brand only)
  • No lowering of body
  • No further modification 
  • Weight can be added

The SCX Pro Nascars chosen for this series are the Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Impala SS and Toyotal Camry and these are available in a number of liveries.

Any changes to the Championship race format or cars will not be allowed until the end of the season and will only occur via a club vote.



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