02.2: NSR LEMANS S1 2017



                            NSR CLASSIC LEMANS CHAMPIONSHIP

The NSR Historic Lemans Championship has 5 racing rounds and features NSR cars from the late nineteen sixties to early nineteen seventies. Allowable modifications to the class include;

  • SCX/NSR soft racing braid
  • MJK Tyres ONLY! All other brands are not permitted
  • Fronts tyres can be changed or sanded
  • Various NSR Body replacement screws can be used
  • No body modifications are to be made such as enlarging wheel arches
  • Weight can be added to suit varying driving styles
  • NSR Guide must be standard (The one that came with car from new)
  • NSR Guide spacers 4818, 4819 and 4820
  • NSR Axle spacers if needed

Only the above listed NSR parts are allowed to be used for this class. The following NSR Lemans models can also be used:

  • Porsche 917K
  • Ford GT 40
  • Ford P68
  • Ford Mk4

Any changes to series format or cars will only be made at the end of a championship via a club vote.



3 Responses to 02.2: NSR LEMANS S1 2017

  1. Glyn Taylor says:

    Hi , Could you give me the heads up on what are the best cars to run in each class.
    I am in the UK but coming back to Perth this year. The cars we run here are no where near your spec. We currently run open chassis in most classes. So I would like to build new cars here and bring them back to Perth and hopefully hit the track and be competitive .

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Glyn,
    We pretty much run most cars standard (well sort of) apart from the basic tuning, that being change of tyres to MJK’s (track standard now), weight added (if you want), a little bit of chassis sanding to allow for body float, Gluing of the tyres, gluing of the motor, gluing of the bearings, oiing, greasing etc. Most classes run the standard motor apart from the Ninco Gt class which runs an open motor up to the 26000 rpm. The Scalextric V8 Supercar class runs the standard Scalextric body with a MJK chassis with a NSR(Ninco) upgrade kit(rims,gears etc) and a Plafit motor. Probably best to come along to a race night and see what everyone’s running when you hit home base.

  3. Syd says:

    Thanks for following up on Glen’s post Matt. As Matt has said and under all the class scoreboards is a list of modifications for what can and cant be done in each class. If you are really keen to come racing it may be worth getting what you need before you leave England (Duty free) as you will have a better range than what we have here locally.

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