02.8: Sideways Group 5 Season 2 2017


The Sideways Group 5 Championship for season 2 of 2015 consists of 5 racing rounds and is based on Racer Sideways Group 5 cars. This is basically an “out of the box class“!

    • The only mods that are allowed for this class are listed below
    • MJK Tyres ONLY! All other brands are not permitted
    • The replacement of the factory tyres, fronts can be replaced with any of the major brands of low grip/low profile tyres.
    • The braid can be changed and guide spacers can be used.
    • Body mounting screws can be replaced.
    • Motor can be glued in.
    • Apart from the rear tyres the rest is optional.
  • Any changes to the championship race format or cars are not allowed until the end of the season.  Any changes will be implemented via a club vote at the end of each season.

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