Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the delay for the write up, it’s been a busy week as I have one race meeting left before returning to my FIFO job.

Saturday night brought about some great racing once again, thanks to all who came to make a decent turn out.

First race up was the Historic NASCAR, despite a few troubles in the heats racing got off to a cracking start with some tight racing and exciting finishes. In the heats the highlight had to be the Miller showdown between Syd and Mark who seems to have found a driving style for speed and control. Experience prevailed and Syd took the win and the A main step up.

The V8 supercar race saw the lap time’s drop down to an impressive 6.469 sec by Peter Hagarty. Well done on having a great drive over the last few races. The racing seemed to be a lot more consistent and again there was some exciting racing between all competitors. Well done to all competitors that took the step up from their respective races Steven Miller, Mark Miller, Simon Davie and Chris Kendal. The reverse round was chosen as round 4, hopefully

Once again thanks to everyone who helps behind the scenes with raffles, entry money, donations of snacks and for the half time catering.

Previous comments which have been thoroughly discussed but finalised are that everyone in attendance agreed that we will be moving away from trophies and will present a perpetual shield which will be dated back to the start of the club. The general hope is that we can get back to some good fun racing rather than focussing on one point here and one point there.

Lastly I would like to propose an amendment to the results in that Ian Stone should be removed from the NASCAR results as the points allocated were achieved by accident for some practice racing.







About Chris Kendal

Hello, my name is Chris Kendal and I am a member of the WA Slot Car Racing Group. I enjoy both collecting and racing slot cars in a friendly club environment. I also have a number of other slot car information web sites on all the major brands including; Scalextric, SCX, Ninco, Fly and Carrera. These can viewed via the links page, please enjoy the information provided on this site.
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  1. Chris Kendal says:

    Hi’ Guys, could someone please tell me which round of the V8 Championship was reversed, so that I can change the template accordingly.

  2. Syd says:

    Another great writeup thanks Claire. The next round should as good as the last I hope. It’s only 2 and a bit weeks away from the Trophy Night and Ron’s wife, Carol, has kindly stepped up to be a sponsor for one of the classes! The trophies have been ordered so all I have to do is transmit the results to the engraver after the next meeting, which means all results are correct and agreed upon! I will also require everybody’s involvement in the voting process of Most Improved and Encouragement Awards!

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