Hello everybody, we had 14 determined racers turn up for the latest round of the 2017 season and the two classes raced were the new NSR GT Lemans raced in an enduro format and Historic Nascars which was raced in the normal sprint format.


Racing in the clockwise direction proved to be a tough affair for most racers with a serious lack of grip being evident. Nic once again showed the way with a dominant display in the first leg that put him about 4 laps ahead of the rest of the field. However in the second leg Peter W showed some seriously good pace in his Mosler and achieved an outstanding total of 111. 112 laps. He also got the fastest lap time of the night to boot. The top four place getters in the end where Nic, Peter W, Matt and Mickey who was also showing a good turn of pace. Full race results can be viewed at the top of the page.


Syd again provided some nice pies and sausage rolls for mid time break and this was much appreciated by everyone.  Congratulations also to the raffle winners for this event.


This event turned out to be torrid affair with very little separating the main combatants. Syd, Matt, Daryl and Chris faced off in the A Main and after some seriously close racing Matt prevailed to win from Chris with Syd finishing third and Daryl rounded out the top four. Full race results can be viewed at the top of the page.



Congratulations to Nic on another stellar performance to win the Enduro from a fast finishing Peter W who was showing some serious pace with his Mosler. We also saw a great effort from Matt in the Historic Nascars round to get revenge on Chris after he got over him in the last round.

Please feel free to comment on any relevant issues as every body’s opinions count in this club and it would be nice to hear other people’s opinions from time to time.


The next race meeting will be held on Saturday Nov 4th 2017 and involve Sideway GP5 and  NSR GT Lemans.  We should again see some more very close racing, I am really looking forward to it.




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  1. Matt says:

    Great nights racing Saturday night, racing was probably the closest it’s been in a while in both classes. The NSR GT Enduro was a very tight affair especially when running in the usual direction, don’t think we’ve had 6 people in the running to win a direction like we had Saturday. Well done to Peter Worth on his top of the ladder performance in the usual direction, about time he held his nerve in his fast Mosler.
    The Historic Nascars was also great racing, was great to be involved in the last heat of the A main with all 4 of us pushing to the line for the win.
    Chris, you have me named twice on the NSR points table and have missed the points in the Sideways class for the 7th Oct.

  2. Syd says:

    Have to agree with your comments Matt! Even if I didn’t go so well myself in the Enduro it was great to see others up there performing well. As you said Peter W had a superb drive in the usual direction as did Nick in the reverse direction. Luckily we don’t drive that direction all the time! I would like to to credit the closeness of the racing to the drop in voltage. For those that don’t know I dropped the voltage from 10.5 to 10 on the reverse direction and after running in the reverse I dropped it another 1/2 a volt to 9.5 in the usual direction. Nobody really noticed the drop except there were fewer offs and a lot closer racing! I think with everybody’s agreement we could continue with the lower voltage, for this class only, as it seemed to make the cars a lot more easier to handle. Thoughts and opinions please.

  3. Chris Kendal says:

    Okay Matt I have fixed up the errors and you are now sitting equal fourth in the Sideways GP 5 standings. I also have to agree with the voltage drop it made the NSR GT cars a lot easier to drive and will promote closer racing in future events.

  4. Matt says:

    Yeah definitely keep the voltage at 9.5 volts for future NSR GT races. Tony and I were only talking before racing on Saturday night about how these cars are a handful and like you said no one noticed the drop in voltage in either direction.
    Cheers Chris for fixing up your mistakes, haha.

  5. Syd says:

    I will keep the voltage down if everybody is happy with that decision. It certainly made them easier to drive and there were a lot less offs and it promotes closer racing.

  6. Tony. says:

    The Historic Nascar is one my faster cars, but i am really struggling for points this season. 40 points is a record low for me.

  7. Syd Miller says:

    Ok hopefully Chris picks it up!

  8. Chris Kendal says:

    Ok the template had an adding error in it which is now fixed. Syd is now shown as second on the table.

  9. Syd says:

    Whoo hoo!

  10. Peter H says:

    I’m happy with 9.5 v for NSR GT. I suggested trialling lower voltage earlier in the season as these cars are a handful and very difficult for newcomers.

    I unfortunately had to miss a couple of rounds. Looking forward to the next race meet!

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