WASCRG had 15 racers turn up to the clubroom for the evenings racing which marks the halfway point in this season. Everyone got a chance to review Syd’s latest effort with the oval track, which heads off to its new home this weekend. All commented on how good the oval track has turned out and Claire even managed a few laps with a 1/24 car, giving a teaser of just how quick a race track it has the potential to be. As mentioned earlier, we plan on hosting a race night on that track at a later date (with Nascars of course!). The club had a guest for the evening, with Lim joining us for some racing. Welcome Lim!

First class for the evening was the Historic Nascars. As is the way with this class, there were a few de-slots. One marshall, (let’s call him Peter) took it upon himself to to assist a de-slotted driver by re-slotting him further up the track and keeping the race competitive. Although the re-slot ended up being half a lap further back. And the car was backwards. But, credit where its due, the intention to do the right thing was there. The same marshall also managed to Godzilla the trackside scenery, sending pieces flying every which way. But, apart from some embarrassment, no harm was done. He even managed to foil his own race by not checking the track mounted brake pot, meaning he completed the race running almost full brake and with a look of complete confusion on his face by the end. Luckily, it didn’t affect his placing in the Mains.

In the E Main, Steve Miller controlled the pace of racing, taking wins in the first 3 races, although Mike Fuller kept in sight of the lead during race 3. In race 4, Mike converted the second place into a win when Steve made a few errors during the middle of the race. Lim brought hoke a pair of second place finishes in races 1 and 2. Steve took the step up into the D Main.

The D Main consisted of Steve Miller, Mickey McGrath, Shane Morgan and unusually, Nick Cochrane who struggled with an ill performing car in the heats. Nick managed to get his head down and take the wins in races 1 and 2. Mickey struck back with wins in races 3 and 4. Nick claimed the step up by virtue of bonus points for fastest laps. Shane and Steve argued over the minor placings after having a few offs each.

It was great to see Ron Layton, Tony Mallison and Claire Davie further up the Mains list, lining up for the C Main alongside Nick. Nick claimed the first victory by a narrow margin from Tony, edging him out by 0.668 of a second. Tony fired back with a win in the next race, putting in a solid drive. Nick wasn’t headed again, claiming the remaining race wins. Claire seemed to have some issues with an underperforming car, lets hope she can sort it for next round. Nick claimed the step up.

Matt Boland, Chris Kendall, Simon Davie and Nick Cochrane lined up for the B Main. Chris and Matt had a fantastic first race, it was all or nothing going into the last corner on the last lap. Chris snuck through by 0.26 secs for the win. Chris then upped the pace for a convincing win in race 2. Race 3 was a repeat of the first, coming down to the last corner. This time, Chris gave Matt a little nudge, ensuring he claimed victory. He rounded it off with another win to make it a clean sweep. Nick and Simon squabbled over the minor placings with good close racing and some tough passes around the top section of the track. Simon just managed to squeeze in 4 3rd place finishes with some good marshalling (thanks Daryl!).

The A Main was a predictably hard fought event between Daryl Nutton, Syd Miller, Chris Kendall and Peter “Godzilla” Hagerty. Peter was first out of the blocks with a controlling win in race 1. Syd upped the ante to win race 2; he pulled out a 6.86 sec lap to ensure a comfortable victory from Chris who chased him all the way. Then it was Chris’ turn to lead the way to the chequered flag, beating Peter by just 0.702 secs. It was great racing from both competitors! Chris backed it up with a more dominant drive for the final race win and round win. Syd Miller flew in under the radar to take second place for the class and Peter Hagerty rounded out the rostrum.

At halftime, Syd was presented with a birthday card (and several cakes!). Happy birthday Syd! The oval track was also quickly pressed into service for a few demonstration laps. A few club members mentioned how good the 1/24 cars looked on track; we’ll work on potentially running a 1/24 event later on.

Then it was back to business with the Group 5 cars making their third outing for the season. The heats passed by quickly and relatively uneventfully with all drivers adjusting to the speed differential after a race or two.

Shane Morgan, Claire Davie and Lim took to the track for the E Main. Claire made it a clean sweep with 4 wins from 4 starts, clearly comfortable straight away. Lim managed a single second place finish in his fantastic looking black and gold JPS liveried car. Shane took a while to warm up, but it was noted his average lap times are improving with every passing event. Good to see him improving in leaps and bounds now.

In the D Main, Claire Davie continued her winning streak with a win in race 1. Tony Mallison, Mike Fuller and Ron Layton fired back in race 2, Tony claiming the victory. He followed in up with a win in the third. Ron chased him all the way to the finish line, ready to capitalise on any mistake Tony made. Mike Fuller pulled out all the stops for race 4 to take the final win and post his best lap time of the evening.

In the C Main, Steve Miller was the man to beat, taking wins in races 1 and 2. He was chased to the line by Mickey McGrath and Simon Davie by 0.614 secs and 0.321 secs respectively. Steve then stepped up the pace for a dominant win in race 3. Crashes from Tony Mallison, Mickey and Steve allowed Simon to slip underneath the radar for the final win.

Daryl Nutton, Syd Miller, Steve Miller and Peter Hagerty took to the track for the B Main. The races were spread out a bit more than usual for a higher end Main event, resulting in comfortable wins in the first 3 races for Syd, Daryl and Steve respectively. It all changed in race 4. Peter led the way with Daryl in hot pursuit, taking the lead off Peter on lap 8. The pair stayed neck and neck to the end; Daryl taking the top spot by 0.218 secs from Peter. It was close, hard but fair racing from both drivers. A brilliant showing by both!

For the A Main, Daryl Nutton, Chris Kendall, Matt Boland and Nick Cochrane lined up for the final races of the evening. Chris was first out of the blocks with a win in race 1, just edging out Daryl by 0.2 secs. Matt and Nick traded blows and places lap after lap in race 2. A mistake by Nick on lap 10 gifted Matt the win. Nick got his revenge in race 3 taking a win over Chris by 0.427 secs. Nick also won race 4; a race that saw the gap from first to last covered by a second or less. Doesn’t get much closer than that! Nick took the round win, with Chris finishing second and Matt taking out third spot.

Next round is October 7th. Sideways Group 5 are having their enduro round alongside the NSR GT class. Please remember to arrive a little earlier so we can get the enduro running on time.

See you all there!



About Chris Kendal

Hello, my name is Chris Kendal and I am a member of the WA Slot Car Racing Group. I enjoy both collecting and racing slot cars in a friendly club environment. I also have a number of other slot car information web sites on all the major brands including; Scalextric, SCX, Ninco, Fly and Carrera. These can viewed via the links page, please enjoy the information provided on this site.
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  1. Matt says:

    G’day Chris,

    Just a quick query regarding last nights race results for the Sideways class.
    Being that you and I tied on 50 points each in the A main I thought that I had taken out 2nd place due to the fastest lap time as club rules dictate. As you know I have no bearing in the championship so either way I’m not fussed but just wondering whether this was an oversight.
    Also was great to see you back at the top of your game, love coming slot racing especially when the racings that close like it was last night.
    It was good to see that the Historic Nascar class which is usually littered with de-slots, run really well, well done to everyone on last nights racing.

    • Nick says:

      That was my understanding of it to.this topic has been talked about a couple of times the last few seasons.

      • Syd says:

        At the end of the season I’ll review the computer scoring system and make adjustments so it’s a little more clearer and defined! This weeeks points and the way it was decided is no different than it was 3 or four rounds ago when Matt won over Chris. It was where they had placed and points they got. There is nothing sinister in what the computer scoring has done. Take it as read! At the moment the points are really close which keeps the racing tight and nobody is out of contention for championships.

  2. nick says:

    so it comes down to how they placed and the points they got to determine a tie on points ?
    im confused as on your comment on the 29th august said if the points are equal the person with the fastest time will take the position, im confused now

  3. Syd Miller says:

    Obviously a fastest lap will get the extra point but if someone else get the extra point your time doesn’t count. I will look at the way the computer does the scoring at the end of the season and not before! It is what it is! The points are as the computer states it so there is no manipulation by anyone. I can send the race sheets to everyone to peruse after race nights.

    • Nick says:

      Im still confused syd.i wasnt talking about the bonus point for fastest time.its clarification will on how a tie for pionts is sorted.as ive seen people tied on points but the person with the faster lap of the 2 people tied got the position and then ive seen the person with the faster lap lose postion to the toed person with slower lap time.

  4. Syd says:

    Now pay attention all point chasers:
    1st place 15 points
    2nd place 13 points
    3rd place 11 points
    4th place 9 points
    Fastest lap 1 point in every heat
    Any tie is decided by fastest average lap
    Championship points 50 for 1st
    48 for second
    46 for third
    And so on
    1 bonus point for fastest time in the race for each class for the night
    Pretty simple really!
    If you all bothered to help out with the computer
    a little more you would know about how it works

  5. Simon Davie says:

    If after all races are done and two drivers are tied on points, the computer will revert to the fastest AVERAGE lap times to determine placings. A blistering one off lap will not win it for you, you need to be consistently fast. In this case, Chris took second place because his average lap time was 6.561 compared to Matt’s average lap time of 6.696; despite Matt having a faster one off lap time of 6.338.

    We (that is those of us that run the scoring and lap timing) cannot alter or affect the output of results from the computer. It is what it is. And unless it can be proved beyond reasonable doubt a system malfunction occurred, the computer scoring and placings are to be taken verbatim.

    If anyone is still confused, I will show them next race night how the system collects and collates the data.

  6. Syd says:

    Thanks Simon! It was the same the time before when Matt won over from Chris!

  7. Nick says:

    Thanks for sorting it sort i thought it was fastest average lap determines the tie.but when i asked about 6 weeks ago you said fastest lap.thats where the confusion was.

  8. Chris Kendal says:

    Hello everyone, praise be to HAL (the computer) for awarding me second place. It is good to see that one of the good guys (me) can triumph over adversity and the forces of darkness.

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