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10 racers turned up for the meeting this round. This time out was the V8 Supercars in their enduro round alongside the NSR GT’s having their first event for the season.

The V8’s enduro was run first. With only 10 racers present, the races progressed in rapid order. The track was run in the clockwise direction first and everyone agreed the surface was slippery and treacherous. It was good to see Claire Davie and Mark Miller continually improving each race and edging ever closer to laps in the 6.9 sec bracket. Nick Cochrane, Peter Hagerty and Matt Boland were fast as expected and dominated the top spots. Mickey McGrath put in a stellar drive; although not the fastest, he had a rhythm and banked a good number of laps every race. Syd Miller and Simon Davie had quick cars, but a few crashes between them kept them outside podium contention.

Then it was time to run the track the anti-clockwise (normal) direction. Far more grip was available and everyone went faster. Mark Miller broke into the 6.9 sec bracket whilst Claire Davie dipped into the 6.8 sec bracket. Mickey McGrath put in another solid performance, keeping it on the track and chalking up the lap numbers. The top 3 were predictably quick however it was Peter Hagerty that topped the charts after the racing finished. There was far fewer crashes in this round of racing so average lap pace accounted for everything. In the end, Nick Cochrane just scraped home for the win from Peter Hagerty. Matt Boland rounded out the top 3.

NSR GT was the second class for the evening. After the V8’s, it took some a little time to acclimatise to the faster speeds. As to be expected, there were a few crashes and incidents in the heats whilst everyone found the measure of their cars. Due to the limited number of competitors, there was only 3 Mains events.

The C Main was contested by Syd Miller, Claire Davie, Steven Miller and Shane Morgan. Syd took 4 wins from 4 starts as expected. Behind him, Claire Davie and Steven Miller duked it out for second place. Steven was consistently faster but a few crashes with a twitchy car allowed Claire to slice through to take 3 second place finishes. Shane Morgan improved across the four races; some more track time will yield him good time gains. Syd Miller took the step up.

The B Main was a much faster event, comprising of Syd Miller, John Cameron, Simon Davie and Mickey McGrath. Laps times from most of this class weren’t far off the front runners times. Mickey, Syd and Simon took a win apiece making it a 3 way fight for the step up going into the last race. Mickey snuck home ahead of Syd by 0.707 secs whilst John and Simon fought it out for 3rd place. Mickey took the step up.

The A Main was contested by Matt Boland, Nick Cochrane, Peter Hagerty and Mickey McGrath. Nick took an early lead with wins in the first 2 races but Matt Boland clawed one back in the 3rd race. In the end it wasn’t enough, as Nick took the final win and the round win. Matt Boland finished 2nd and Mickey McGrath flew in under the radar to snatch 3rd place from Peter Hagerty.

As some of you may have noticed, the points don’t quite add up to the Mains results. Thats right, we’ve had our first reverse points round for this season! This means NSR GT’s will not have another reverse points round this season. It’ll be interesting to see if this will shake up the final season standings and see some different names come to the fore.

Also, we are having a longer than usual break from racing. The next event is in 3 weeks time on the 23rd of September comprising of the Sideways Group 5 cars and the Historic Nascars.

See you there!



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  1. syd says:

    Thanks for another great write up Simon! We will have to get Nick to give us a peek at his NSR GT so we can see what his setup! 🙂 Even though the numbers were down it was good to see some quality drives and the overall split on the Endurance race was incredible as there was less than a segment or two in the overall running of the top 2 drivers. Congratulations and well done to both Nick and Peter! It is also good to see our less experienced drivers getting some good times and bothering the middle order. See you all in 3 weeks!

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