Hi all, sorry for the delay in getting this race report out.

First up, I’d like to welcome Shane to the club. Hope you had an enjoyable night and we’d like to see you back next round for some racing! We had two other guests, Les and Brad Davie, who came to just have a look but will hopefully be racing with us soon also.

It was a pretty sparse turnout of competitors for this round with only 9 racers duking it out for the points. Nevertheless, the racing was good as was the marshalling. Having some of the faster racers missing in action coupled with the reverse points rule not being activated this round means things could shuffle around in the middle order at the end of the season.

First out of the blocks for this season was the Historic Nascars. The wide spread of driver abilities meant some heats were quite straightforward whilst others were very close, going down to the last lap. The Mains competitor list was a familiar order despite the low numbers.

Claire Davie, Mark Miller and Johnny Meston lined up for the C Main. Mark Miller took the first race win from Claire; Johnny finished down a lap after a couple of crashes. Race 2 was polar opposite. Mark outdrove himself on the opening laps resulting in several crashes leaving Johnny to cruise home half a lap ahead of Claire. Race 3 saw Mark lead all the way whilst Claire and Johnny tussled it out for the minor placings. Claire kept ahead until lap 8 when she crashed allowing Johnny to move up into second place. Lap 9 saw Johnny relegated back to 3rd after crashing himself with Claire beating him to the line by 3 seconds. Race 4 saw Mark drive off into the distance whilst Claire and Johnny struggled with a few crashes each. Claire, forever the bridesmaid this round, beat Johnny home by just over a second. Mark Miller took the step up to the B Main.

In the B Main, Darryl Nutton outclassed the other drivers, being consistently faster across all the races. In race 1 Tony Mallison and Simon Davie struggled with some early crashes. Simon managed to reel in Mark Miller by the end of the race and a mistake by Mark allowed Simon to sneak in for second place. Darryl took the win. Race 2 saw Tony and Mark finish a lap down on Simon and Darryl; again, due to crashes. These cars are tough to drive well consistently. Darryl again took the win while Simon tried everything to find a bit more pace but failing to do so. Race 3 saw Darryl down the order for the first time with a crash on lap 1. A series of leader swaps ended with Tony Mallison in front and Darryl Nutton in hot pursuit. Darryl threw everything at the last lap and cruelly snatched victory from Tony by a mere 0.373 secs. Race 4 was a quieter affair; Darryl again heading off the other drivers to take the win and the step up. Simon took second place.

Pete Hagerty was the dominant driver in the A Main. The field was not as close as usual resulting in quite spread out racing. Keeping the car in the slot and maximizing on the other drivers crashes was essential to finishing well. Pete and Darryl fought for the win in Race 1 while Chris Kendall seemed to struggle to find the pace in his car. Pete Hagerty brought home the win 2.46 secs ahead of Darryl. In Race 2 Pete and Darryl again went toe to toe. Several 6.9 sec laps from Pete was enough to narrowly avoid having his colours lowered for the first time, finishing just 0.265 sec ahead of Darryl. Chris finished 3rd whilst Syd struggled home a lap down in 4th. Race 3 saw Darryl finally succeed in taking a race win. Pete Hagerty had a crash on lap 1 and had to work hard to pick his way back through the field, finishing a respectable 2nd. Syd Miller cruised in behind him for 3rd. Race 4 was a close run event in the opening laps with multiple passes and lead changes. Pete led the way but this time it was Syd Miller who was hot on his heels. Pete banked lap after lap in the 6.9 sec bracket to eke out a win by 0.726 sec. Darryl Nutton comfortably held off Chris Kendall for 3rd.

In the end, it was Pete Hagerty who took the round win from Darryl Nutton. Syd Miller held onto 3rd and Chris Kendall finished in 4th.

Event number 2 for this season was V8 Supercars. Compared to the Historic Nascars, the racing was closer with all drivers performing well. There were minimal offs and the door to door racing was hard but fair with numerous competitors swapping paint lap after lap. After the heats, the Mains list was almost an exact copy of the Historic Nascars earlier in the night.

Claire Davie, Mark Miller and Johnny Meston lined up again for the C Main. In Race 1 Claire showed the boys how its done, taking a win by keeping it on the track whilst Johnny and Mark hampered themselves with a couple of crashes each. Race 2 was led flag to flag by Mark. Claire and Johnny had a great battle for second; Johnny had the speed but kept throwing his car at the scenery every second lap whilst Claire just banked consistent laps and eventually took second place by nearly half a lap. Race 3 was a roller coaster ride. Passes, crashes, cars trading paint….this race had it all! Johnny Meston managed to pull a gap on the last few laps and took the win from Claire, Mark finished a valiant 3rd. Race 4 was all about Claire, again proving consistency counts and finishing a lap ahead of both of the guys. Mark Miller took second from Johnny and ensuring his place in the B Main.

For the B Main, lap times were close and the racing fierce. Tony Mallison fired the first shot with a win in Race 1, beating Simon Davie by 0.679 sec. Darryl Nutton regained his composure in Race 2 and led the race all the way to the end. He nearly threw it away with a crash on lap 8 but Tony Mallison couldn’t quite convert Darryl’s mistake into a win. Tony finished 0.82 sec behind for second place. Race 3 saw Simon Davie desperately trying to chase down Darryl Nutton for 1st whilst Tony Mallison and Mark Miller traded blows for 3rd. Darryl held on for the win, Simon finished 2nd. Tony relegated Mark to 4th place on the last lap. Race 4 had Darryl cruising home for the win; the other competitors fighting over the minor placings. Simon finished 2nd and Mark took an easy 3rd place from Tony who finished a lap down. Darryl took the step up into the A Main.

The A Main was tough with any mistakes being punished by the other drivers. Chris Kendall looked set to take the win in Race 1 only to have it taken from under his nose by Pete Hagerty by 0.08 secs. Pete backed it up with a win in Race 2, Chris Kendall again pushed back to 2nd place. Darryl suffered a mechanical failure which left Syd Miller to scoop up 3rd. Race 3 saw Pete leading the charge again, Darryl and Chris never far behind. Pete took the win and Darryl edged out Chris for 2nd place. Race 4 and once again Pete was in control and leading the way. However, this time it was Syd Miller harassing him for the premier placing. Pete held his nerve to make it 4 from 4. Syd Miller took 2nd and Chris Kendall 3rd.

Pete Hagerty took the round win to make it a clean sweep for the nights events. Well done Pete! Chris Kendall finished 2nd and Syd Miller took another 3rd place.

Next round is August 5th. Historic Nascars make their second outing for the season and will be joined by the Sideways Group 5 class. Hope to see a few more of you there next round!



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  1. Syd says:

    Congratulations Peter on your double win! It was well deserved despite the extremely poor attendance we had a great night! Welcome to Shane who will be joining us next round and also Simons Father Les and Simons brother hope you all had a great time!

  2. Peter H says:

    Thanks Syd. I had an awesome night – one of those very rare occasions when I am really on it and make few mistakes. Despite numbers being low, I’m sure a great time was had by all as there was a really good vibe with the jokes rolling all night

  3. Syd says:

    Another fine write up Simon! I’m not quite sure how you remember all the details but it makes for interesting reading.

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