We had 11 racers turn up for what was a relaxed round of racing this time out. The track was quite slippery to begin with but improved with racing as expected. Yellow lane was agreed by all to offer the best grip whilst Red lane was like an ice rink (Pete Hagerty has kindly offered to do his 3627 pre-race practice laps in Red lane next event to alleviate this issue). A real highlight of this round was the number of intensely close finishes with more than one race win being secured by less than a second. A great indicator that the assistance the quick guys are giving to the other club members is paying off. Thanks guys, we’re seeing brilliant racing as a result.

Slotit LeMans were first on track. The heat results were fairly consistent and most drivers settled into their usual positions for the Mains

In the D Main, Claire Davie and Stewart Hutchison duked it out across the 4 races taking 2 wins apiece. Both drivers improved their time steadily and ended up in the 6 sec bracket by race 4. Stewart claimed the step up by virtue of the bonus points accrued for holding the fastest laps in all but race 1.

The C Main was a slightly more one-sided affair with Simon Davie taking 3 wins to claim the step up. A crash late in race 2 prevented him from making it a clean sweep. Mike Fuller ran a clean 10 laps to claim the win for race 2 whilst Ron Layton narrowly missed out on a win in race 3, instead taking his only 2nd place finish for the Mains.

The B Main saw multiple lead changes and lots of side by side racing. Simon Davie claimed the first 2 wins from Matt Boland who retaliated with wins in the remaining two races. Syd Miller showed his pace, but succumbed to a few unfortunate incidents. He did have the closest of finishes with Matt Boland, finishing behind Matt by a mere 0.063 of a second in race 1. Matt took the step up to the A Main.

The A Main was a close run thing with each driver taking a win across the four races. Squabbling for the minor placing became important with some of the drivers making some ambitious passing moves which almost ended in tragedy. Nick Cochrane took the round win from Chris Kendall by a single point. Matt Boland and Pete Hagerty rounded out the minor placings.


The heats for NSR LeMans were quick and sorted everyone into familiar territory for the Mains. In the heats Peter Worth came up with a interesting new way of marshalling, flailing about in panic before returning the car to the track. We managed to capture a pic of him in action:

In the D Main, Claire Davie was the fast charger taking wins in the first 3 races. Ron Layton’s bonus points for fastest laps kept him in the hunt right up to the final race where he secured his only win for the round and taking the step up.

The C Main was action packed with Ron Layton and Syd Miller trading places nearly every lap in race 1. Ron crashed on the final lap allowing Syd to take the win. Syd Miller backed it up with wins in races 2 and 3. But Ron didn’t let him have it all his own way, claiming victory in race 4 by a mere 0.049 secs. A thrilling finish, well done Ron! However it wasn’t enough to prevent Syd Miller from taking the step up to the B Main.

The B Main saw lots of passing and the occasional nudging between cars. But thats racing! Peter Worth was quick right out of the blocks with he and Syd Miller trading blows and places right up to the end of race 1. Peter took the win by 0.07 secs. He followed in it up with a win in race 2. Race 3 saw Pete Hagerty and Simon Davie step to the fore. A crash for Pete on lap 8 allowed Simon to slide through for the win. Pete fired back in race 4 and won in dominant fashion. Peter Worth claimed the step up into the A Mains.

Nick Cochrane made the clean sweep taking 4 wins from 4 starts in the A Main. Matt Boland and Chris Kendall fought it out for the minor placing whilst Peter Worth sadly looked a little outclassed. Nick took the round win, with Matt, Chris and Peter rounding out the standings respectively.

The next and final round for the season is a couple of weeks away on June 24th. Slotit LeMans makes a return and we will also be racing the Pioneer Muscle Cars. Don’t forget to check out the Pioneer tuning guide in the Tuning Tips section at the top of the page.

See you next round.



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Hello, my name is Chris Kendal and I am a member of the WA Slot Car Racing Group. I enjoy both collecting and racing slot cars in a friendly club environment. I also have a number of other slot car information web sites on all the major brands including; Scalextric, SCX, Ninco, Fly and Carrera. These can viewed via the links page, please enjoy the information provided on this site.
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  1. Syd says:

    Another great write up Simon!

  2. nick says:

    nice write up simon,and well done for getting your first sub 6 second lap in practice after racing.

  3. Peter H says:

    Yeah really good write up. Good to see all the mains getting coverage and some recognition of some great individual performances and battles in those mains. 3627 practise laps though? Lol

  4. Nick says:

    Chris can you please check round 2 in pioneer as 2 people have the same score.cheers

  5. Chris Kendal says:

    Hi’ Nic, I have adjusted the race template and it now shows zero points scored for anyone who didn’t show up for any round.’

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