WASCRG Meeting held on 27/05/2017

12 competitors braced the cool weather for this round comprising of SCX Nascar and Ninco GT. It was good to see some top drivers lending cars to less experienced drivers to help them get a feel for what a set up car should drive like. This continued assistance doesn’t go un-noticed, so thankyou all.

First up was SCX Nascar:

There was a lot of close racing this round with the usual crashes and a few unfortunate incidents throwing the results around a bit in the heats. Chris Kendall clearly had his car dialled in (with a 6.456 fastest lap) whilst a few other were struggling to find pace or overdriving in the pursuit of competitive lap times.

It was a little unusual seeing Syd Miller line up for the D Main but he immediately took control and won all four races with ease taking him up to the C Main.

In the C Main, it was a two horse race between Syd and Steven Miller, leaving Claire Davie and Stewart Hutchison to fight it out for the minor placings. Race 1 saw Syd and Steve swapping positions for the lead almost every lap until Steven finally managed to pull a small gap on lap 8 and maintain it for the remainder of the race. Syd retaliated with a win in race 2 but Stevens wins in races 3 & 4 ensured he took the step up to the B Main. Claire and Stewart both took a pair of 3rd place finishes apiece across the 4 races.

For the Maldonado round B Main, there were crashes aplenty to keep the marshalls busy with a couple of drivers seeming determined to make their cars at one with the scenery. Matt Boland managed to keep it on the track long enough to make it 4 wins from 4 races to take the step up into the A Main. Tony Mallinson had a good run with 3 second place finishes to boost himself up the seasons final standings.

Chris Kendall controlled the A Main as expected, his car handling superbly. A couple of errors in race 3 kept him from making it a clean sweep, with Nick Cochrane taking the win and drawing up very close on points. Chris took the round win, Nick in second and Pete Hagarty closing the rostrum out with third place; a mirror image of the (provisional) final championship standings.

Next up was the Ninco GT:

This class was quick and close, with most drivers within about 4 tenths of a second to the leaders. The heats were mostly clean with few crashes and good marshalling all round, sorting everyone into familiar positions for the Mains.

Mike Fuller made it a clean sweep and took the step up with his Brut liveried Ford GT whilst Tony Mallinson seemed to struggle to find a rhythm. Claire Davie improved steadily as she got to grips with her car and edged her way into the 6.6 sec bracket in race 3.

In the C Main, it was Peter Worth who led the way in pace but a few errors cost him the wins in races 1 and 2, handing them to Simon Davie. Peter recovered in race 3 and having gained the bonus points for fastest laps, was tied closely with Simon going into the last race. Unfortunately, Simon got involved in a crash early in race 4 allowing Peter to cruise home to take the step up into the B Main.

The B Main saw some very close racing which resulted in a lot of passes across all 4 races. All 4 drivers were in with a real chance as the pace across the field was fairly consistent. Matt Boland took the step up in the end with 2 wins whilst Syd Miller and Peter Worth took 1 win each.

The A Main saw some very fast, very clean racing with each driver taking a win each. Chris Kendall proved consistency and speed counts, beating Nick Cochrane to the round win by 1 point. Matt Boland finished several points behind to take third. Again, the round results reflected the seasons final standings.


Remember, the next round is only 1 week away with Slot it LeMans and NSR LeMans slated for racing. Look forward to seeing you all there! Also the tune-up page has been updated with some links thanks to Nick



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16 Responses to WASCRG Meeting held on 27/05/2017

  1. Syd says:

    Great write-up again Simon. It was an enjoyable night of racing for some congratulations to the winners. The end of the season is nearly upon us with 2 classes being finalized on Saturday.

  2. Peter H says:

    I notice that the tables above have me in 4th place for the round in the Ninco GT class, wheras the championship results tables show me as having finished 3rd, ahead of Matt. If the results above are correct, when the championship tabes are amended, the extra 2 points for Matt will put him tied for first place on 232 points a piece with Nick… The points and order for the rest of the punters would stay the same, except I would be on 212 points instead of 214 and everyone other than the top two would move up a place i.e. Chris 2nd, Stephen 3rd, me 4th etc.

    • Nick says:

      If it does end up been a tie for points.i think it goes to whoever had the fastest average lap over the season.just like a tiebreaker on any race night.and 3rd place will stay as 3rd.

  3. Chris Kendal says:

    Ok’ Gentlemen, the Ninco GT template has been amended to reflect the correct result. It now shows Nic and Matt tied for first place. In my opinion first place trophies should be awarded to both Nic and Matt. I would then get second and Steven would be awarded third place. Warning this could cause a shit storm.

    • Matt says:

      Nah, in most sports you would have two 1st place trophies and a 3rd place, no second place given.
      Thanks for the corrections Chris and well done finding some form and winning both the A mains on the night.

  4. Nick says:

    Chris can we please get the average lap times aswell for the nincos as matt and myself are tied and that is going to determine who wins

  5. Syd says:

    Hi Guys ( Including Claire), I thought the tie was done and dusted last year when I thought we all agreed that the fastest time settled place differences. In the case of the Ninco GT Nick had the fastest time between himself and Matt (6.058)! Daryl achieved a 6.001 but was not in the points. I am happy to revisit the discussion!

    • Matt says:

      Doesn’t bother me either way Syd although I thought it was the average fastest lap, not the fastest lap. If it is the average fastest lap then all 5 races in this class will need to be added up and divided by five to make it fair, you really can’t decide a championship mon just the one round.

      • Matt says:

        Just for those interested the average fasted lap times for myself and Nick are :Nick 6.19, Matt :6.16. I worked these out over the 6 races held for the Ninco GT class, 4 standard races and the enduro’s, clockwise and anti-clockwise. The fasted average lap time I can’t work out as there is no average on the Ninco GT tacle on the 18th March, although Syd probably has the result as home on the PC.

  6. Syd says:

    All sorted Nick and Matt we will leave it till Trophy Night so it has an element of surprise!

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