Ninco GT race sheet 4-3-17


NSR Lemans race sheet 4-3-17

Hello everybody, we had 18 determined racers turn up for the latest round of the 2017 season and the first class raced was NSR Classic Lemans. This was raced in the clockwise direction and was followed by Ninco GT which was raced in the traditional anti clockwide direction. We again saw some very close racing throughout the field in both classes.


Racing was very tight again in this superb slot car class. The A Main was a really hard fought affair with both Matt and Chris finishing on the same points. However Matt won by posting the fastest time of 6.271. Nic finished a solid third whilst Peter H rounded out the top four. Full race results can be viewed at the top of the page.


Syd again put on a really tasty sausage sizzle which was enjoyed by everybody. Thanks again Syd for another fine effort, which is much appreciated by everyone. Congratulation to this rounds raffle winners who won various set of MJK tyres.


The Ninco GT round was a highly competitive affair with the top seven drivers all having seriously competitive cars. Consequently all were in with a realistic chance of taking the major honours.  Syd actually posted the fastest time with a 6.011. In the end Nic prevailed by winning the A Main with 53 points, Steven was a close second with 50 points after a solid drive, whilst Chris was third with 48 points. Matt rounded out the top four with 45 points. The overall result could have been very different had some competitors not been involved in racing incidents.  The full race results can be viewed at the top of the page.



Congratulations to Matt who survived a big scare from Chris in the NSR Lemans race. He is the ice man a really knows how to win a round. Likewise Nic put in another solid performance to win the Ninco GT round after some serious competition and was all the more impressive since he suffered from hand throttle issues. These two series look like going down to the wire with many competitors having seriously good cars to run.

Please feel free to comment on any relevant issues as every body’s opinions counts in this club and it is good to hear other people’s opinions from time to time.


The next race meeting will be held on Saturday Mar 18th 2017 and involve Ninco GT and SCX Nascar.  We should again see some more very close racing, I am really looking forward to it.




About Chris Kendal

Hello, my name is Chris Kendal and I am a member of the WA Slot Car Racing Group. I enjoy both collecting and racing slot cars in a friendly club environment. I also have a number of other slot car information web sites on all the major brands including; Scalextric, SCX, Ninco, Fly and Carrera. These can viewed via the links page, please enjoy the information provided on this site.
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  1. nick says:

    its been some great very close racing this season, matts been lucky with the nsr lemans as the last 2 rounds have come down to lap time to find the winner

    • Matt says:

      Yeah very lucky indeed, pushed by yourself in the first round and by Chris last week, luckily I haven’t crashed yet in either of the A mains yet like all those around me and just snuck in the fastest lap times as well. Sure to get beaten when someone else doesn’t crash for the 4 heats of the A main.
      Good to see Steven take out 2nd place in the Ninco GT class and the outright lead overall in the class. Funny that he was the only one not to win in the white lane as well. Well done on the win too Nick.

  2. syd says:

    Peter H has raised the issue about the inconsistency of the MJK 4205 tyres. I will contact Ian next week to raise the issue. They were a much tighter fit and lower profile than any we have had before. Being a tighter fit I would think would also change the grip level as the compound would be made harder as it is stretched. I know my car had virtually no grip after about 5 laps. Those who were running the same tyres on their NSR had no such problem as those rims are smaller by 1 mm in diameter! Unfortunately I have none of the older stock left and hopefully the next batch will be here by the end of the month. Did anyone else besides Peter H use the new batch on their Ninco GT? If you have them they will work fine on your NSR Cars as they wont be stretched!

  3. Peter H says:

    The new stock 4205s are a bloody tight fit on the NSR rims too Syd. And as you mention, they have very poor grip. Late in the heats I reluctantly slipped on a set of new old stock tyres and my car was transformed. I dropped a massive 3/10 of a second in lap time straight away. That is simply a huge performance differential. I went from midfield lap times with a car that was nearly undriveable straight to being right on the pace of the front of the field. Never experience that scale of performance differential before on a tyre change!

    Also, does anyone have a spare Ninco chassis with the integral motor and axle mounts I could buy off them? Happy to buy a whole car to get one. Unfortunately, I have the separate pod style

  4. syd says:

    Peter the loss in traction on the tyres is like I said! When stretched they become harder, less flex,I hope to get it sorted with the next batch of 4205s. I may be able to help you out with the chassis otherwise your one could be fixed with a bit of JB Weld!

  5. Matt says:

    I find that the MJK’s can be good on your car one week and a little ‘off’ the next time we race them. My Ninco GT stuck like shit to a blanket the fortnight before but seemed a little off last Saturday, it could of been my driving as well, but I do find the MJK’s vary, even if they are new, trued or used. As far as I know I have been running the new stock 4205’s on my NSR P68 and have won the first 2 A mains of that class. Yes they drive completely different to the NSR tyres that we were running last year, yes they definitely have less grip than the NSR tyres but because everyone is using the same tyres there is no advantage to any of the drivers. I’ve found that you really have to adjust your driving style to suit the MJK’s on the NSR’s.

    • Peter H says:

      Yeah agree with what you are saying about a some degree of inconsistency Matt – which can be pretty frustrating – but nothing like what I had between a barely used set of new stock 4205s and old stock larger diameter (and profile) tyres in the Ninco GT class – which was what my comment was about. The new 4205s are nothing like the old ones. I doubt the old ones would fit in the P68 body as they are much larger sidewall diameter than the new ones (They would be fine with the other Fords and Porsche though). I have been running the 4265s in the Classic lemans class on my P68 with no issues. As you say, everyone in that class is pretty much on new stock tyres, so we are all the same

  6. syd says:

    Have to agree there Matt! The track is starting to show the effect of not running different brands of tyres on it! I would like to think that no one is running anything but MJKs on their cars now! White lane was always to quickest lane before we started running the NSR cars! For a long time it’s was inconsistent but it was probably the best lane last Saturday and it will be interesting to see if that is the case next race night.

  7. Peter H says:

    Anyone have any of those small diameter Ninco Lightning front alloy wheels (with tyres) sitting around that they would like to donate or sell to me ?

  8. Syd says:

    I might have Peter! See me on Saturday night.

  9. Peter H says:

    Xlnt, thanks Syd

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