SCX Nascar Enduro results sheet 26-3-16NSR Lemans race sheet 26-3-16

Hello everybody,

We had 18 enthusiastic racers turn up for the latest Easter club round of high intensity racing. The classes involved where SCX NASCAR and NSR LEMANS with the Scx Nascar being run in the endurance format. They both again provided some very exciting and close racing, both throughout the heats and mains in the NSR Lemans and in the SCX Nascar endurance round in particular.


Racing was once again super close throughout the field in both heats and mains with some races a decided by very close margins. Both the A and B mains were closely fought affairs with Nic showing superior pace to everyone else with a dominating race win the A Main. Matt finished second with a solid drive and Chris was a lucky third with Syd rounding out the top four. Full race results can be viewed at the top of the page.


We all enjoyed some really tasty pies and sausage rolls at half time break, thanks again Syd for another great effort, which I know is much appreciated by everyone. The raffle was held and won by Daryl who got a really nice NSR Corvette, so congratulations to you on your win.


The SCX Pro Nascar turned out to be one of closest and greatest races we have ever held. Incredibly Syd won from Nic by just one segment after eight lanes of hard fought racing and also Chris beat Daryl by just one segment to finish third. The top four combined totals read like this; Syd first with 204.714, Nic second with 204.667, Chris third 202.810 and Daryl fourth with 202.715. Incredible results that were achieved as a result of the reduced voltage, which allowed for the closest overall racing we have seen to date. Full race results can be viewed at the top of this page.



Congratulations to Syd on a stellar drive in the SCX Nascar to achieve arguably his finest ever victory by just pipping a very fast finishing Nic for first place. To think that there was only one segment difference between first and second is astonishing. Congratulations also Nic on another dominant performance in the NSR Lemans class I think that you have that championship well and truly sown up.

Please feel free to comment on any relevant issues as every body’s opinions count in this club and it would be nice to hear other people’s opinions from time to time.


The next race meeting will be held on Saturday Apr 9th 2016 and involve Slot it lemans and NSR Lemans. Should be another great night’s racing I am really looking forward to it.





The Esses

IMG_3192 IMG_3191

Daryl standing looking rather “chuffed” with himself!

IMG_3190 IMG_3189 IMG_3188 IMG_3187

A view from the Yellow Station down the straight.


A few times we set whilst testing the track out! A bit longer than we thought!


The view from the other end.

IMG_3184 IMG_3183

The “New” corner all stickered up


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Hello, my name is Chris Kendal and I am a member of the WA Slot Car Racing Group. I enjoy both collecting and racing slot cars in a friendly club environment. I also have a number of other slot car information web sites on all the major brands including; Scalextric, SCX, Ninco, Fly and Carrera. These can viewed via the links page, please enjoy the information provided on this site.
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  1. Syd Miller says:

    Thanks Chris for the great write up. It truly was an awesome night of racing, well done to Nick it really was a hard fought victory. I wish all the racing was this close! It almost seems like I’m getting my “mojo” back. It was a long night even with the earlier start but it was definitely very entertaining for all concerned. Next time we have an endurance night we may have to have an earlier start depending on numbers.

  2. Matt says:

    Well done Syd on your win last night, been long due for a long time now, good to see the run of bad luck you’ve had has gone. You’ve been up there for a few meets now and finally broken through for a win.
    Well done also to Nick on his NSR A-main win, you and your MK IV were just too fast for anyone else on the night, only sub 6 second laps I think.

    I think we need to look at the marshalling in the Endurance racing by everyone involved, I don’t know if it’s the 3 minute heats but nearly everyone seems to lose interest in the racing and are not concentrating on the job at hand. Too many times last night there were cars just sitting on the track and no one was mashalling them, don’t know how many times I saw a driver marshalling their own car because there wasn’t a marshall there to re-slot their car. Pretty poor really considering we had enough people there to have a marshall every metre or so. That there could be the problem as well as, too many people standing round the track and they’re not sure who’s going to grab the car. This problem also seems to rear its head when the track is run in the reverse direction and cars de-slot where a marshall can not stand.

  3. Syd says:

    Unfortunately Matt it’s always been that way with marshalling! The more people there are the less marshals we have! Luckily with the lower power there are less offs. It doesn’t excuse people from marshalling and sometimes it’s like too many cooks spoil the broth as people are not sure who is doing what! It is nothing new and has always been a contentious issue with me. We really only need 5 marshals on a race night and ideally people could rotate through like we do for racing. Thoughts anyone?

  4. Chris Kendal says:

    Good point Syd, if we have a lot of marshals available on the night some type of roster could be drawn up, so everybody could get a brake and rest their feet at some stage. I know that a number of club members have both back and foot issues, which tend to manifest themselves as the night goes on. Hopefully this would then lead to more attentive and better marshalling.

  5. Syd says:

    Perhaps if the next 4 scheduled for the next race can be confirmed as marshals and whoever is controlling the computer make up the 5th marshal? Something to think about?

  6. Matt says:

    Some good ideas there Syd and Chris.
    I know it hard for some of you older blokes to stand up longer than you need to, maybe we can get a couple of recliners for a bit of R & R between races.

  7. Ron layton says:

    what a great night of racing, it was good to back looking forward to the next run.
    thanks for the tucker syd, and kiwi Phil great job on the consule.

  8. clive says:

    Hi all, Good night racing. Well done Syd on your win in the endurance race, a well deserved win, your getting back to where you were, keep on doing what you are doing. Marshalling is brought up once again and looking at a roster may be the only way to make sure each and every person who races, marshals. Maybe give it a try and lets see how it goes. I would just like to say thanks also to Syd for the effort you put in each and every week,(its greatly appreciated) and to Karen for the Easter treats. they were great. Looking forward to the next race.

  9. Syd Miller says:

    Thanks Clive and thanks Karen! She is always making us little surprises and treats and they are much appreciated. A little update on the progress on Daryl’s track. Braiding was completed today so all that remains is the rewiring and a few cosmetic items. I have posted some photos and I am sure you will all agree it’s looking good! Vision is good from all the driver’s stations and the transitions into the corners is similar to my track so it should be a fairly smooth running track.

  10. nick says:

    It was a good night of racing,great that it was so close at the end of the endurance race.congrats to syd on winning the endurance race..looking foward to checking out daryls track when its ready

  11. Syd says:

    Good news! Dave from “Race Co-ordinator” seems to think that our “false starts” may be caused through our cars being too close to the sensors at start up. In other words the program thinks we are jumping the gun and stops the race. Too smart for it’s own good! Solution is to move the start line back a couple of inches, that’s about 5 cm for you “youngsters” and that should fix it. Time will tell but that certainly explains why it may be happening! Any way thought I would share this information!

  12. syd says:

    Another Australian website worthy of a look. Some interesting reading an tips!


  13. syd says:

    Ok! I’ll get back to Dave on that then!

  14. LIM CHENG LAW says:

    Syd, with regard to your marshalling issues, I think you might like to try the method which we have used before with some success. We had a very simple rule that the group which had just completed their race will be the marshals for the next race. Of course the working of this rule is dependent on how many corner marshals are needed and how many racing lanes you have. Since your track needs (if I remember correctly) about 4 marshals and you have 4 lanes, this should work out pretty well. We also had this rule similarly implemented during my RC car days with no hassles as everyone knew what they had to do. If for any reason you couldn’t marshal, it is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute. We dealt with infringements by imposing a one lap penalty.

    Hey, your new track is looking good. Hope to make it over to Perth again in the not too distant future to have a run on it.


  15. Syd Miller says:

    No Lim, it’s Daryl’s Track! Just finished refurbishing it! Turned out better than imagined and just rewired it today! It’s superb to drive with not much difference between the lanes. I have inserted the new pictures in the post above.

  16. daryl.... says:

    Gentlemen …… Life has been “breathed “back into the track on the hill with astounding results . The first few laps were slow and inconsistent as there was a lot of dirt on the braid as well as tarnish . Lets face it , its been offline for a while ? Anyway it came on (and well)
    The jury is still out on the fastest lane , but at this point they all look fairly equal . Heres a surprise though . Yellow is quick . Dam quick . Yellows never been quick ?
    Another equally amazing surprise is that the re-wire has worked magic back into the cars .It seems now that Johnson motors don’t get hot any more and nearly everything (nearly) will work quite comfortably on a reduced voltage ? Syd and I drove SCX cars round at 10.6 volts . They were not hugely fast but they were not slow either ? They could be raced at this voltage quite easily . When asked why , the only thing I can think is that the original wiring (which was 240 volt 6 core flex) was obviously too heavy for 12 volt and the power got lost in the wiring and not in the engines ? Motors overheated due to the unclean power trying to get through the very heavy wiring . We can’t think of any other reasons .
    So we come a step closer to re-opening

    Watch this space chaps

  17. Syd says:

    It was great to finally get it it up and running again Daryl! I am looking forward to installing the new computer and bringing the track into the 21st century! I’m glad you like the upgrades as I’m sure everybody else will too! I really enjoyed the time it took to do it!!!

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