We had 16 racers, including 2 visitors, Andrew and Lim,and “Newbie” Ian turn up on Saturday for another great night of racing. We started off with the Sideways Group 5 Enduro in the clockwise direction with minimal grip which showed in the lap times. There was some incredibly close racing in this direction with everybody except Ian, Lim and Andrew struggling with the slipperiness of the track. Andrew certainly showed why he should be a regular attendee by placing quite high despite having not raced for a long period of time! Matt and Nick swapped leads several times with Nick narrowly winning the clockwise direction. We changed direction to the regular direction and is wasn’t long before the  grip started to improve and the times started to come down. Still not down to our usual times but definitely an improvement! This time it was Chris and Nick fighting it out for honors and in the end it was Chris that won through with a big enough margin to win the Enduro by the smallest of margins. Well done Chris! When you look at the results there isn’t much between all our regular racers which shows how close the racing is and that the format works really well. We will look at it at the end of the year to see if we can tweak it even more.

Half time came and we had the usual fare with the added bonus of some hot fruit mince pies with canned cream! Those that had them thought they were pretty good! The raffle was held with 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes being held in credit. We need to discuss what we want to do about the raffle at next meeting!! We also said goodbye to Lim and Andrew who had to leave due to commitments ( Andrew) and an early flight back home to Malaysia (Lim). Its always good to see Lim over here and hopefully we will have the pleasure of his company again!

We raced the NSR GT in the second half of the night and by then the track had regained it’s grip. We again had some incredibly close racing and although the usual suspects came to the top no one anticipated the Claire and Simon show! Claire showed a consistant turn of speed to come up through the C main and into the B main! Simon took it a step further and into the A main! In the A Main Peter W showed what he was capable of by setting the fastest lap but it was Nick with a consistent drive who won from Matt followed by Peter and Simon. Well done to all.

When we drew the balls for the reverse round on Saturday for the Sideways Group 5 it was deemed a normal round. With this being the case the last round will not automatically be a reverse round. To make it fair we will have a redraw by the class leader after the next round to decide which round will be reversed. I think you will all understand the need to do this LOL!

See you all next Saturday for the NSR GT and Historic NASCAR shed will be open from 17:45 due to work commitments cheers Syd


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WASCRG had 15 racers turn up to the clubroom for the evenings racing which marks the halfway point in this season. Everyone got a chance to review Syd’s latest effort with the oval track, which heads off to its new home this weekend. All commented on how good the oval track has turned out and Claire even managed a few laps with a 1/24 car, giving a teaser of just how quick a race track it has the potential to be. As mentioned earlier, we plan on hosting a race night on that track at a later date (with Nascars of course!). The club had a guest for the evening, with Lim joining us for some racing. Welcome Lim!

First class for the evening was the Historic Nascars. As is the way with this class, there were a few de-slots. One marshall, (let’s call him Peter) took it upon himself to to assist a de-slotted driver by re-slotting him further up the track and keeping the race competitive. Although the re-slot ended up being half a lap further back. And the car was backwards. But, credit where its due, the intention to do the right thing was there. The same marshall also managed to Godzilla the trackside scenery, sending pieces flying every which way. But, apart from some embarrassment, no harm was done. He even managed to foil his own race by not checking the track mounted brake pot, meaning he completed the race running almost full brake and with a look of complete confusion on his face by the end. Luckily, it didn’t affect his placing in the Mains.

In the E Main, Steve Miller controlled the pace of racing, taking wins in the first 3 races, although Mike Fuller kept in sight of the lead during race 3. In race 4, Mike converted the second place into a win when Steve made a few errors during the middle of the race. Lim brought hoke a pair of second place finishes in races 1 and 2. Steve took the step up into the D Main.

The D Main consisted of Steve Miller, Mickey McGrath, Shane Morgan and unusually, Nick Cochrane who struggled with an ill performing car in the heats. Nick managed to get his head down and take the wins in races 1 and 2. Mickey struck back with wins in races 3 and 4. Nick claimed the step up by virtue of bonus points for fastest laps. Shane and Steve argued over the minor placings after having a few offs each.

It was great to see Ron Layton, Tony Mallison and Claire Davie further up the Mains list, lining up for the C Main alongside Nick. Nick claimed the first victory by a narrow margin from Tony, edging him out by 0.668 of a second. Tony fired back with a win in the next race, putting in a solid drive. Nick wasn’t headed again, claiming the remaining race wins. Claire seemed to have some issues with an underperforming car, lets hope she can sort it for next round. Nick claimed the step up.

Matt Boland, Chris Kendall, Simon Davie and Nick Cochrane lined up for the B Main. Chris and Matt had a fantastic first race, it was all or nothing going into the last corner on the last lap. Chris snuck through by 0.26 secs for the win. Chris then upped the pace for a convincing win in race 2. Race 3 was a repeat of the first, coming down to the last corner. This time, Chris gave Matt a little nudge, ensuring he claimed victory. He rounded it off with another win to make it a clean sweep. Nick and Simon squabbled over the minor placings with good close racing and some tough passes around the top section of the track. Simon just managed to squeeze in 4 3rd place finishes with some good marshalling (thanks Daryl!).

The A Main was a predictably hard fought event between Daryl Nutton, Syd Miller, Chris Kendall and Peter “Godzilla” Hagerty. Peter was first out of the blocks with a controlling win in race 1. Syd upped the ante to win race 2; he pulled out a 6.86 sec lap to ensure a comfortable victory from Chris who chased him all the way. Then it was Chris’ turn to lead the way to the chequered flag, beating Peter by just 0.702 secs. It was great racing from both competitors! Chris backed it up with a more dominant drive for the final race win and round win. Syd Miller flew in under the radar to take second place for the class and Peter Hagerty rounded out the rostrum.

At halftime, Syd was presented with a birthday card (and several cakes!). Happy birthday Syd! The oval track was also quickly pressed into service for a few demonstration laps. A few club members mentioned how good the 1/24 cars looked on track; we’ll work on potentially running a 1/24 event later on.

Then it was back to business with the Group 5 cars making their third outing for the season. The heats passed by quickly and relatively uneventfully with all drivers adjusting to the speed differential after a race or two.

Shane Morgan, Claire Davie and Lim took to the track for the E Main. Claire made it a clean sweep with 4 wins from 4 starts, clearly comfortable straight away. Lim managed a single second place finish in his fantastic looking black and gold JPS liveried car. Shane took a while to warm up, but it was noted his average lap times are improving with every passing event. Good to see him improving in leaps and bounds now.

In the D Main, Claire Davie continued her winning streak with a win in race 1. Tony Mallison, Mike Fuller and Ron Layton fired back in race 2, Tony claiming the victory. He followed in up with a win in the third. Ron chased him all the way to the finish line, ready to capitalise on any mistake Tony made. Mike Fuller pulled out all the stops for race 4 to take the final win and post his best lap time of the evening.

In the C Main, Steve Miller was the man to beat, taking wins in races 1 and 2. He was chased to the line by Mickey McGrath and Simon Davie by 0.614 secs and 0.321 secs respectively. Steve then stepped up the pace for a dominant win in race 3. Crashes from Tony Mallison, Mickey and Steve allowed Simon to slip underneath the radar for the final win.

Daryl Nutton, Syd Miller, Steve Miller and Peter Hagerty took to the track for the B Main. The races were spread out a bit more than usual for a higher end Main event, resulting in comfortable wins in the first 3 races for Syd, Daryl and Steve respectively. It all changed in race 4. Peter led the way with Daryl in hot pursuit, taking the lead off Peter on lap 8. The pair stayed neck and neck to the end; Daryl taking the top spot by 0.218 secs from Peter. It was close, hard but fair racing from both drivers. A brilliant showing by both!

For the A Main, Daryl Nutton, Chris Kendall, Matt Boland and Nick Cochrane lined up for the final races of the evening. Chris was first out of the blocks with a win in race 1, just edging out Daryl by 0.2 secs. Matt and Nick traded blows and places lap after lap in race 2. A mistake by Nick on lap 10 gifted Matt the win. Nick got his revenge in race 3 taking a win over Chris by 0.427 secs. Nick also won race 4; a race that saw the gap from first to last covered by a second or less. Doesn’t get much closer than that! Nick took the round win, with Chris finishing second and Matt taking out third spot.

Next round is October 7th. Sideways Group 5 are having their enduro round alongside the NSR GT class. Please remember to arrive a little earlier so we can get the enduro running on time.

See you all there!



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Hi all,

10 racers turned up for the meeting this round. This time out was the V8 Supercars in their enduro round alongside the NSR GT’s having their first event for the season.

The V8’s enduro was run first. With only 10 racers present, the races progressed in rapid order. The track was run in the clockwise direction first and everyone agreed the surface was slippery and treacherous. It was good to see Claire Davie and Mark Miller continually improving each race and edging ever closer to laps in the 6.9 sec bracket. Nick Cochrane, Peter Hagerty and Matt Boland were fast as expected and dominated the top spots. Mickey McGrath put in a stellar drive; although not the fastest, he had a rhythm and banked a good number of laps every race. Syd Miller and Simon Davie had quick cars, but a few crashes between them kept them outside podium contention.

Then it was time to run the track the anti-clockwise (normal) direction. Far more grip was available and everyone went faster. Mark Miller broke into the 6.9 sec bracket whilst Claire Davie dipped into the 6.8 sec bracket. Mickey McGrath put in another solid performance, keeping it on the track and chalking up the lap numbers. The top 3 were predictably quick however it was Peter Hagerty that topped the charts after the racing finished. There was far fewer crashes in this round of racing so average lap pace accounted for everything. In the end, Nick Cochrane just scraped home for the win from Peter Hagerty. Matt Boland rounded out the top 3.

NSR GT was the second class for the evening. After the V8’s, it took some a little time to acclimatise to the faster speeds. As to be expected, there were a few crashes and incidents in the heats whilst everyone found the measure of their cars. Due to the limited number of competitors, there was only 3 Mains events.

The C Main was contested by Syd Miller, Claire Davie, Steven Miller and Shane Morgan. Syd took 4 wins from 4 starts as expected. Behind him, Claire Davie and Steven Miller duked it out for second place. Steven was consistently faster but a few crashes with a twitchy car allowed Claire to slice through to take 3 second place finishes. Shane Morgan improved across the four races; some more track time will yield him good time gains. Syd Miller took the step up.

The B Main was a much faster event, comprising of Syd Miller, John Cameron, Simon Davie and Mickey McGrath. Laps times from most of this class weren’t far off the front runners times. Mickey, Syd and Simon took a win apiece making it a 3 way fight for the step up going into the last race. Mickey snuck home ahead of Syd by 0.707 secs whilst John and Simon fought it out for 3rd place. Mickey took the step up.

The A Main was contested by Matt Boland, Nick Cochrane, Peter Hagerty and Mickey McGrath. Nick took an early lead with wins in the first 2 races but Matt Boland clawed one back in the 3rd race. In the end it wasn’t enough, as Nick took the final win and the round win. Matt Boland finished 2nd and Mickey McGrath flew in under the radar to snatch 3rd place from Peter Hagerty.

As some of you may have noticed, the points don’t quite add up to the Mains results. Thats right, we’ve had our first reverse points round for this season! This means NSR GT’s will not have another reverse points round this season. It’ll be interesting to see if this will shake up the final season standings and see some different names come to the fore.

Also, we are having a longer than usual break from racing. The next event is in 3 weeks time on the 23rd of September comprising of the Sideways Group 5 cars and the Historic Nascars.

See you there!



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Hi all,

We had 14 racers front up for this event and it was a lively evening all round. Good racing with some quick times; the track surface clearly still has some life left in it yet. I understand that the track will be resurfaced around Christmas time ready for next season.

It was great to see Matt Boland back on deck again after his injuries. As you can see from the results, it hasn’t affected his ability to run at the front of the pack.

A word on restarts: as per our club rules (rule 4.7), only a de-slotted driver or race controller (the person running the computer) can call a restart. Marshalls are not allowed to call a restart. This caused multiple incidents during the event where a marshall called a restart after an incident and some drivers slowed down to tour back to the start line for a restart whilst the race continued under green conditions. This costs drivers time, and possibly a better finishing place. It is appreciated that the marshalls are just trying to help and do their best, but lets keep it by the book and then everyone gets a fair go.

V8 Supercars were first up. In the heats, there wasn’t too many crashes despite all the side by side racing. Some drivers are still chasing a workable setup but hopefully some help from the more experienced club members will sort that out, as has been the case in the past.

The E Main was a dead heat between John Cameron and Shane Morgan. John dominated all the races, finishing a lap ahead most times. Shane unfortunately struggled with car setup issues and an intermittent controller. John convincingly claimed the step up.

In the D Main, Tony Mallison was the man to beat; he steadily lowered his times across the races to the 6.7 sec bracket and made it 4 wins from 4 starts. John Cameron put in a stirling effort to claim 4 second place finishes despite the odd crash here and there. A bit more track experience will hopefully see John move up the order; the potential is there. Claire Davie and Ron Layton made it race between themselves. They traded paint, they bumped, barged and pushed each other all the way. Thoroughly entertaining racing. Just goes to show that the best racing isn’t always at the front. It was Ron who managed to snatch third place from Claire with 42 points to 38 respectively. Tony Mallison took the step up to the C Main.

A surprise entry in the C Main was Chris Kendall, who we’re all used to seeing much further up the order. An underperforming and ill handling car was cited as the cause of his woes. Alongside him was Mark Miller, Micky McGrath and Tony Mallison. Despite the car troubles, Chris managed wins in the first 3 races by avoiding the incidents happening behind him and keeping it in the groove. Micky McGrath fought back in race 4 and led the way to the chequered flag by 0.687 secs. Tony Mallison raced well (even claiming the fastest lap in race 3), but was let down by a few crashes and spins. Mark Miller outdrove himself which resulted in a quite a few offs and kept him down the order, despite being on pace. Chris Kendall took the step up.

The B Main saw Matt Boland just straight back to the front of the pack. His Gulf liveried Falcon was handling superbly, taking wins in the first 2 races. Simon Davie and Chris Kendall tussled over the minor placings whilst Peter Worth took a while to find a rythm. Simon managed to scrape home for a win in race 3, beating Matt Boland by a mere 0.041 secs. Peter Worth found his stride in race 4 to take the final win even with Matt trying to chase him down (and putting in a 6.5 sec lap in the process). Even with the final race setbacks, Matt claimed the step up.

The A Main was a hotly contested event with close racing and fast lap times from all competitors. Nick Cochrane made it 4 wins from 4 starts. Peter Hagerty and Matt Boland fought valiantly to chase him down. Syd Miller seemed to struggle with a fast but flighty car that would unload itself without warning. Nick and Peter raised a few eyebrows when both drivers dipped into the 6.4 sec bracket in multiple races. Well done to both! In the end, Nick took the round win, Peter Hagerty claimed second and Matt Boland held onto third.

The half time break allowed everyone to have a good look at another track build in progress. Everyone agreed that the oval track is looking great and are looking forward to racing on it. We hope to organise a standalone event once its done. A huge thanks to Syd Miller for putting a lot of time and his expertise into making it all happen.

Next up was the Sideways Group 5 class. Adjusting to the faster speeds saw a few drivers making unforced errors and crashing during the heats. However, the marshalling was good and these had minimal effect on the placings for the Mains. One particular driver decided he didn’t even need to run one of his heats he was so confident (not mentioning names Syd…..).

In the E Main, Shane Morgan lined up against Claire Davie. Claire managed a clean sweep with wins in all 4 races. Shane did manage to lead the way in race 3 for several laps ensuring Claire didn’t get it all her own way. Both drivers managed to make good progress with their speed and control, and both drivers had their fastest lap times tumble down as a result. Claire managed to break into the 6.8 sec bracket, and Shane managed to break in the 7.3 sec bracket; a good effort from both. Claire took the step up.

The D Main was a hard fought set of races between Ron Layton, Mark Miller, John Cameron and Claire Davie. Multiple lead changes and different winners in the first 3 races  set the scene for a fantastic final race. Ron Layton held onto a narrow margin (a mere 0.34 secs) to claim the win over Claire Davie. Claire had the fastest lap and it was that bonus point that pushed her ahead on points and into the C Main.

The C Main consisted of Simon Davie, Mickey McGrath, Claire Davie and Tony Mallison. Simon and Mickey went blow for blow across the 4 races whilst Tony and Claire fought it out for the minor placings. Simon took the win in the first 2 races and Mickey claimed one back with a win in the 3rd. An unfortunate crash for Mickey on lap 5 in the final race ensured Simon made it through for the step up. Tony picked up 4 third position placings.

It was Syd Miller, Nick Cochrane, Simon Davie and Peter Worth who lined up for the B Main. An uncharacteristic crash from Nick in race 1 allowed Simon to slice through for a win, with Peter Worth not far behind. Nick wasn’t beaten again from that point on, putting in a 6.3 sec lap to stamp his authority on the event. Syd Miller led a valiant chase claiming 3 second place finishes. Simon and Peter rounded out the tail end of the group after tripping over each other several times whilst racing side by side. Nick Cochrane claimed the step up.

The A Main was predictably fast paced with a couple of crashes mixing up the results somewhat. Nick Cochrane, Matt Boland and Chris Kendall managed a win each in the first 3 races. Peter Hagerty was in the mix as well, having a good exchange with Chris Kendall in race 2 with numerous passes. Chris Kendall held it together in the final race, taking the win with a nail biting 0.083 sec margin. It was Matt Boland though who claimed the round win from Nick Cochrane, Chris Kendall completing the top 3.

Next round is 2nd of September with the NSR GT cars making their first outing for the season and the MJK V8 Supercars having their enduro round. Please remember to arrive a little earlier so we can get the enduro race under way in a timely fashion.

Catch you all next round!


Simon Davie

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Hi all, sorry for the delay in getting this race report out.

First up, I’d like to welcome Shane to the club. Hope you had an enjoyable night and we’d like to see you back next round for some racing! We had two other guests, Les and Brad Davie, who came to just have a look but will hopefully be racing with us soon also.

It was a pretty sparse turnout of competitors for this round with only 9 racers duking it out for the points. Nevertheless, the racing was good as was the marshalling. Having some of the faster racers missing in action coupled with the reverse points rule not being activated this round means things could shuffle around in the middle order at the end of the season.

First out of the blocks for this season was the Historic Nascars. The wide spread of driver abilities meant some heats were quite straightforward whilst others were very close, going down to the last lap. The Mains competitor list was a familiar order despite the low numbers.

Claire Davie, Mark Miller and Johnny Meston lined up for the C Main. Mark Miller took the first race win from Claire; Johnny finished down a lap after a couple of crashes. Race 2 was polar opposite. Mark outdrove himself on the opening laps resulting in several crashes leaving Johnny to cruise home half a lap ahead of Claire. Race 3 saw Mark lead all the way whilst Claire and Johnny tussled it out for the minor placings. Claire kept ahead until lap 8 when she crashed allowing Johnny to move up into second place. Lap 9 saw Johnny relegated back to 3rd after crashing himself with Claire beating him to the line by 3 seconds. Race 4 saw Mark drive off into the distance whilst Claire and Johnny struggled with a few crashes each. Claire, forever the bridesmaid this round, beat Johnny home by just over a second. Mark Miller took the step up to the B Main.

In the B Main, Darryl Nutton outclassed the other drivers, being consistently faster across all the races. In race 1 Tony Mallison and Simon Davie struggled with some early crashes. Simon managed to reel in Mark Miller by the end of the race and a mistake by Mark allowed Simon to sneak in for second place. Darryl took the win. Race 2 saw Tony and Mark finish a lap down on Simon and Darryl; again, due to crashes. These cars are tough to drive well consistently. Darryl again took the win while Simon tried everything to find a bit more pace but failing to do so. Race 3 saw Darryl down the order for the first time with a crash on lap 1. A series of leader swaps ended with Tony Mallison in front and Darryl Nutton in hot pursuit. Darryl threw everything at the last lap and cruelly snatched victory from Tony by a mere 0.373 secs. Race 4 was a quieter affair; Darryl again heading off the other drivers to take the win and the step up. Simon took second place.

Pete Hagerty was the dominant driver in the A Main. The field was not as close as usual resulting in quite spread out racing. Keeping the car in the slot and maximizing on the other drivers crashes was essential to finishing well. Pete and Darryl fought for the win in Race 1 while Chris Kendall seemed to struggle to find the pace in his car. Pete Hagerty brought home the win 2.46 secs ahead of Darryl. In Race 2 Pete and Darryl again went toe to toe. Several 6.9 sec laps from Pete was enough to narrowly avoid having his colours lowered for the first time, finishing just 0.265 sec ahead of Darryl. Chris finished 3rd whilst Syd struggled home a lap down in 4th. Race 3 saw Darryl finally succeed in taking a race win. Pete Hagerty had a crash on lap 1 and had to work hard to pick his way back through the field, finishing a respectable 2nd. Syd Miller cruised in behind him for 3rd. Race 4 was a close run event in the opening laps with multiple passes and lead changes. Pete led the way but this time it was Syd Miller who was hot on his heels. Pete banked lap after lap in the 6.9 sec bracket to eke out a win by 0.726 sec. Darryl Nutton comfortably held off Chris Kendall for 3rd.

In the end, it was Pete Hagerty who took the round win from Darryl Nutton. Syd Miller held onto 3rd and Chris Kendall finished in 4th.

Event number 2 for this season was V8 Supercars. Compared to the Historic Nascars, the racing was closer with all drivers performing well. There were minimal offs and the door to door racing was hard but fair with numerous competitors swapping paint lap after lap. After the heats, the Mains list was almost an exact copy of the Historic Nascars earlier in the night.

Claire Davie, Mark Miller and Johnny Meston lined up again for the C Main. In Race 1 Claire showed the boys how its done, taking a win by keeping it on the track whilst Johnny and Mark hampered themselves with a couple of crashes each. Race 2 was led flag to flag by Mark. Claire and Johnny had a great battle for second; Johnny had the speed but kept throwing his car at the scenery every second lap whilst Claire just banked consistent laps and eventually took second place by nearly half a lap. Race 3 was a roller coaster ride. Passes, crashes, cars trading paint….this race had it all! Johnny Meston managed to pull a gap on the last few laps and took the win from Claire, Mark finished a valiant 3rd. Race 4 was all about Claire, again proving consistency counts and finishing a lap ahead of both of the guys. Mark Miller took second from Johnny and ensuring his place in the B Main.

For the B Main, lap times were close and the racing fierce. Tony Mallison fired the first shot with a win in Race 1, beating Simon Davie by 0.679 sec. Darryl Nutton regained his composure in Race 2 and led the race all the way to the end. He nearly threw it away with a crash on lap 8 but Tony Mallison couldn’t quite convert Darryl’s mistake into a win. Tony finished 0.82 sec behind for second place. Race 3 saw Simon Davie desperately trying to chase down Darryl Nutton for 1st whilst Tony Mallison and Mark Miller traded blows for 3rd. Darryl held on for the win, Simon finished 2nd. Tony relegated Mark to 4th place on the last lap. Race 4 had Darryl cruising home for the win; the other competitors fighting over the minor placings. Simon finished 2nd and Mark took an easy 3rd place from Tony who finished a lap down. Darryl took the step up into the A Main.

The A Main was tough with any mistakes being punished by the other drivers. Chris Kendall looked set to take the win in Race 1 only to have it taken from under his nose by Pete Hagerty by 0.08 secs. Pete backed it up with a win in Race 2, Chris Kendall again pushed back to 2nd place. Darryl suffered a mechanical failure which left Syd Miller to scoop up 3rd. Race 3 saw Pete leading the charge again, Darryl and Chris never far behind. Pete took the win and Darryl edged out Chris for 2nd place. Race 4 and once again Pete was in control and leading the way. However, this time it was Syd Miller harassing him for the premier placing. Pete held his nerve to make it 4 from 4. Syd Miller took 2nd and Chris Kendall 3rd.

Pete Hagerty took the round win to make it a clean sweep for the nights events. Well done Pete! Chris Kendall finished 2nd and Syd Miller took another 3rd place.

Next round is August 5th. Historic Nascars make their second outing for the season and will be joined by the Sideways Group 5 class. Hope to see a few more of you there next round!



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Hi All, That was season 1 done and dusted and for those that made trophy night I hope you all enjoyed yourself. It was a cold night but I think everybody was prepared for it and I had both the heaters on! Peter W kindly brought some mulled cider along which also took the chill off! Thanks Peter it was greatly appreciated. Ron was again very generous and bought along some more red wine to see us through the winter months. I would also like to thank both of our sponsors for 2 of our classes A J Cochrane and Sons and Miami Menswear. I would also like to congratulate all of the trophy winners and also the “almost theres” in the club it was a really close competition in most of the classes. We also had some really close racing with the Ninco Porsches in our one and only race for the evening and it was eventually won by someone who didnt want their prize lol! We also had a raffle which was won by Daryl, who won himself a nice Pioneer Mustang, second was Simon, who won a parts tray and third was Ron, who won himself a Ninco pinion puller. All in all it was a good night that we all enjoyed. See you all on Saturday the 22nd for the start of Season 2 where we will be racing the Historic NASCARs ( Sponsor Needed ) and the MJK V8 Supercars. Cheers Syd

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14 competitors lined up for this round comprising of Slot it LeMans and Pioneer Muscle Cars. The cold weather combined with a freshly cleaned track meant that grip was at a premium for the first few races.

The Pioneer endurance round was first up. Running opposite to normal track direction threw a lot of drivers off initially. Lap times were slower than normal owing to the low grip conditions, but everyone found a rhythm after a couple of races. Still, there were lots of crashes and quite a few frustrated drivers trying to find a way to put down consistently quick laps. Fortunately, everyone got into the act with marshalling and helping to minimise time lost after de-slots. Car failures and on track incidents also shook up the standings. Front axles coming adrift affected a few drivers; we’ll keep an eye on this for reliability issues next season.

Nick Cochrane took first over Syd Miller, with Chris Kendall rounding out the top three.

Running in the normal direction was a vastly different story. Every driver completed significantly more laps and there was a big reduction in crashes and incidents. Lap records were set, then broken, then broken again. Peter Worth proved 6.8 sec laps were entirely possible, being the first to dip into the bracket with a 6.884 sec lap. Nick Cochrane came tantalizingly close to breaking the 6.7 sec barrier with a 6.815 sec lap later on. Pete Hagerty, Darryl Nutton and Tony Mallinson all managed to put down 6.8 sec laps by the end of the event. Well done to all.

The overall winner for the round was Pete Hagerty. Nick Cochrane finished second, Chris Kendall third. Its great to see the results very close at the top; hopefully we’ll see a few different winners next time out.

Next up was Slot It LeMans. All drivers took a while to readjust to the speed difference of this class compared to the Pioneers. Lap times weren’t helped by the cold track offering little grip in sections, hampering drive out of some corners. As such, positions for the finals were somewhat scattered from the usual standings after heat racing was completed.

The E Main was first up. Mike Fuller and Mark Miller duked it out for the step up. Mike took a comfortable win in race 1 whilst Mark outdrove himself and crashed trying to keep pace. Race 2 was sweet revenge for Mark Miller, regaining his composure to snatch the win from Mike on the last lap by 0.251 of a second. Mark was never headed again and won the final 2 races for the step up.

The D Man competitors were a bit of a shock to see with Matt Boland and Peter Worth lining up against Claire Davie and Mark Miller. Matt romped home taking 4 wins from 4 starts despite being frustrated by an apparent lack of pace from his car. Peter Worth finished second across all the races. The surprise of the D Main was Claire, who improved her pace and nudged ever so close to the 6.9 sec bracket as the races progressed, and took a pair of third places in the final two races.

The C Main was a mostly straight forward affair, with good clean racing all round. Matt continued his winning streak, making it another 4 wins from 4 starts. John Cameron nearly made it a win in race four but was cruelly relegated to second place by Matt who passed him on the final corner of the last lap, taking the win by a mere 0.087 secs. Hard luck John!

The B Main was a fast event featuring lots of side by side racing and plenty of passing. Matt looked set to continue all the way to the A Main after winning race one. Pete Hagerty took the win in race two; the top three drivers in the race being covered by only 0.5 of a sec at the end. Race three saw another win for Matt, making it look likely he’d steam his way through to the A Main. It was not to be though, Pete Hagerty taking the final win and step up to the next event.

The A Main comprised of the expected drivers, and they showed why they deserved to be there. The pace was fast and close and exciting to watch. Nick took the win in race one whilst the rest of the field squabbled over minor placings. Nick also took the win for race two although Darryl Nutton chased him down right to the end, finishing just 0.559 secs behind. Darryl then took charge, comfortably winning race three while Chris Kendall got it together after a torrid couple of laps to take second. Nick recovered in race four, holding off the rest of the field for the final win of the event.

Nick Cochrane claimed the round win, Darryl Nutton second and Chris Kendall third.

And thats it for this season, folks! Trophy night will be upon us soon on July 8th. Please let Syd know if you plan on attending so he can arrange for catering. Look forward to seeing you all there!



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We had 11 racers turn up for what was a relaxed round of racing this time out. The track was quite slippery to begin with but improved with racing as expected. Yellow lane was agreed by all to offer the best grip whilst Red lane was like an ice rink (Pete Hagerty has kindly offered to do his 3627 pre-race practice laps in Red lane next event to alleviate this issue). A real highlight of this round was the number of intensely close finishes with more than one race win being secured by less than a second. A great indicator that the assistance the quick guys are giving to the other club members is paying off. Thanks guys, we’re seeing brilliant racing as a result.

Slotit LeMans were first on track. The heat results were fairly consistent and most drivers settled into their usual positions for the Mains

In the D Main, Claire Davie and Stewart Hutchison duked it out across the 4 races taking 2 wins apiece. Both drivers improved their time steadily and ended up in the 6 sec bracket by race 4. Stewart claimed the step up by virtue of the bonus points accrued for holding the fastest laps in all but race 1.

The C Main was a slightly more one-sided affair with Simon Davie taking 3 wins to claim the step up. A crash late in race 2 prevented him from making it a clean sweep. Mike Fuller ran a clean 10 laps to claim the win for race 2 whilst Ron Layton narrowly missed out on a win in race 3, instead taking his only 2nd place finish for the Mains.

The B Main saw multiple lead changes and lots of side by side racing. Simon Davie claimed the first 2 wins from Matt Boland who retaliated with wins in the remaining two races. Syd Miller showed his pace, but succumbed to a few unfortunate incidents. He did have the closest of finishes with Matt Boland, finishing behind Matt by a mere 0.063 of a second in race 1. Matt took the step up to the A Main.

The A Main was a close run thing with each driver taking a win across the four races. Squabbling for the minor placing became important with some of the drivers making some ambitious passing moves which almost ended in tragedy. Nick Cochrane took the round win from Chris Kendall by a single point. Matt Boland and Pete Hagerty rounded out the minor placings.


The heats for NSR LeMans were quick and sorted everyone into familiar territory for the Mains. In the heats Peter Worth came up with a interesting new way of marshalling, flailing about in panic before returning the car to the track. We managed to capture a pic of him in action:

In the D Main, Claire Davie was the fast charger taking wins in the first 3 races. Ron Layton’s bonus points for fastest laps kept him in the hunt right up to the final race where he secured his only win for the round and taking the step up.

The C Main was action packed with Ron Layton and Syd Miller trading places nearly every lap in race 1. Ron crashed on the final lap allowing Syd to take the win. Syd Miller backed it up with wins in races 2 and 3. But Ron didn’t let him have it all his own way, claiming victory in race 4 by a mere 0.049 secs. A thrilling finish, well done Ron! However it wasn’t enough to prevent Syd Miller from taking the step up to the B Main.

The B Main saw lots of passing and the occasional nudging between cars. But thats racing! Peter Worth was quick right out of the blocks with he and Syd Miller trading blows and places right up to the end of race 1. Peter took the win by 0.07 secs. He followed in it up with a win in race 2. Race 3 saw Pete Hagerty and Simon Davie step to the fore. A crash for Pete on lap 8 allowed Simon to slide through for the win. Pete fired back in race 4 and won in dominant fashion. Peter Worth claimed the step up into the A Mains.

Nick Cochrane made the clean sweep taking 4 wins from 4 starts in the A Main. Matt Boland and Chris Kendall fought it out for the minor placing whilst Peter Worth sadly looked a little outclassed. Nick took the round win, with Matt, Chris and Peter rounding out the standings respectively.

The next and final round for the season is a couple of weeks away on June 24th. Slotit LeMans makes a return and we will also be racing the Pioneer Muscle Cars. Don’t forget to check out the Pioneer tuning guide in the Tuning Tips section at the top of the page.

See you next round.



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WASCRG Meeting held on 27/05/2017

12 competitors braced the cool weather for this round comprising of SCX Nascar and Ninco GT. It was good to see some top drivers lending cars to less experienced drivers to help them get a feel for what a set up car should drive like. This continued assistance doesn’t go un-noticed, so thankyou all.

First up was SCX Nascar:

There was a lot of close racing this round with the usual crashes and a few unfortunate incidents throwing the results around a bit in the heats. Chris Kendall clearly had his car dialled in (with a 6.456 fastest lap) whilst a few other were struggling to find pace or overdriving in the pursuit of competitive lap times.

It was a little unusual seeing Syd Miller line up for the D Main but he immediately took control and won all four races with ease taking him up to the C Main.

In the C Main, it was a two horse race between Syd and Steven Miller, leaving Claire Davie and Stewart Hutchison to fight it out for the minor placings. Race 1 saw Syd and Steve swapping positions for the lead almost every lap until Steven finally managed to pull a small gap on lap 8 and maintain it for the remainder of the race. Syd retaliated with a win in race 2 but Stevens wins in races 3 & 4 ensured he took the step up to the B Main. Claire and Stewart both took a pair of 3rd place finishes apiece across the 4 races.

For the Maldonado round B Main, there were crashes aplenty to keep the marshalls busy with a couple of drivers seeming determined to make their cars at one with the scenery. Matt Boland managed to keep it on the track long enough to make it 4 wins from 4 races to take the step up into the A Main. Tony Mallinson had a good run with 3 second place finishes to boost himself up the seasons final standings.

Chris Kendall controlled the A Main as expected, his car handling superbly. A couple of errors in race 3 kept him from making it a clean sweep, with Nick Cochrane taking the win and drawing up very close on points. Chris took the round win, Nick in second and Pete Hagarty closing the rostrum out with third place; a mirror image of the (provisional) final championship standings.

Next up was the Ninco GT:

This class was quick and close, with most drivers within about 4 tenths of a second to the leaders. The heats were mostly clean with few crashes and good marshalling all round, sorting everyone into familiar positions for the Mains.

Mike Fuller made it a clean sweep and took the step up with his Brut liveried Ford GT whilst Tony Mallinson seemed to struggle to find a rhythm. Claire Davie improved steadily as she got to grips with her car and edged her way into the 6.6 sec bracket in race 3.

In the C Main, it was Peter Worth who led the way in pace but a few errors cost him the wins in races 1 and 2, handing them to Simon Davie. Peter recovered in race 3 and having gained the bonus points for fastest laps, was tied closely with Simon going into the last race. Unfortunately, Simon got involved in a crash early in race 4 allowing Peter to cruise home to take the step up into the B Main.

The B Main saw some very close racing which resulted in a lot of passes across all 4 races. All 4 drivers were in with a real chance as the pace across the field was fairly consistent. Matt Boland took the step up in the end with 2 wins whilst Syd Miller and Peter Worth took 1 win each.

The A Main saw some very fast, very clean racing with each driver taking a win each. Chris Kendall proved consistency and speed counts, beating Nick Cochrane to the round win by 1 point. Matt Boland finished several points behind to take third. Again, the round results reflected the seasons final standings.


Remember, the next round is only 1 week away with Slot it LeMans and NSR LeMans slated for racing. Look forward to seeing you all there! Also the tune-up page has been updated with some links thanks to Nick



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